SPIKED SHIELDS and GATLING GUNS! – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay

Welcome to back to more Totally Accurate Battle Simulator! Let’s look at some new units and All Star Fruit Racing! ► Download All Star Fruit Racing here: http://neva.ly/ASFRBlitz

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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay Overview:

A physics based medieval battle simulator which lets you pit wacky waving armies against each other. In TABS Sandbox, you take the role of a Battle Commander as you place armies on the battle field. Watch as your minions destroy, or are destroyed by the red enemies!

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Download TABS here: http://landfall.se/supersecretlink

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TheDeadlyMedley says:

It’s been 3 years, literally just release the game and have monthly updates or something

Vladimir panda and coldtater says:

1dark peasant, and 1 of every unit on the other team


Video starts at 1:34

Exzayvier Cooper says:

2 of every unit vs dark peasant army

Jullian Jomman Galvan Palmer says:

Last March of the ents/ two peasants as berry and pipen the 20 bear men as ents vs 30 thiefs and 10 potchers as orcs and 1 chicken man (not chicken man man ) as ssaruman

Amart 55566655 says:

100 chicken man vs one chicken man man

Homie Fox says:

Snake Gatling Gun VS 50 Two Shields

Joseph Poop says:

Make a unit where he has. A sword and his special move is he. Swings his sword and a DRAGON COMES OUT

master man70 says:

2 of each neon unit and 4 balista

Samory Giwa says:

50 vs 50 samurai masters

vipeo clips says:

u could do more of these

polospl says:

One samurai master (or two) vs chicken man man

Epic Wolf Run says:

Do STAAAAWP performance!

LeatherCactus X says:

I wish the snakes would crawl up your leg and would start controlling them like venom ish

Random Person says:

5 master ninjas 50samurai

darkwear gt growtopia says:

ad a game and play other game

Wayland Miller says:

They should add a guy with snake repellent

בננה תמר says:

trump VS hillary, catapult VS trebuchet, super peasant VS dark peasant

Dark Lightning Müller's says:

Oh my snake

Savage Banana’s says:

Yes because the top part

The Gaming BuDz says:

You should do slime rancher and just mess around :3

Finian Salas says:

snake Gatling gun? more like snake-ling gun

Connor Turner says:

the people who mame tabs need to release the update already instead of just releaseing videos of whzt there going to put in the game, how about actually do something.

LetsDuck says:

Stupides hurts. In Not english so its possible that all is wrong

Phi Oanh Vo says:

How did da chicken man man take like a 100 hits in the ballsacks but still alive?

2lazy :T says:

I feel like the system we are working with is, you have a range unit, you have an ammo type, you can sellectz the range unit then the ammo type, instead of the ammo type being locked to the range unit . Hopefully it’s like that just to make the unit menu less confusing with all the new units being added.

NathanPlays says:

When is the update coming

Ruby Stephens says:

I love snake

King Lightbulb says:

You should do the battle of Dave! 500 Daves vs. 1 of everything else

MISTERY 975 says:

Nice mario kart

A Rock. says:

I want to see a battle with 200 barrels on one side and a ton of chariots on the other.

Sarah Stevens says:


Qackydontus says:

Dark peasant Vs chicken man man

Nathan Mclean says:

Green Tic Tacs are awful they are matcha flavored they taste like grass if you cook grass and then throw it in your own piss then drink that piss grass they are awful

Johnathon Li says:

When will come out for real jeeze idk if they have to add ALL these units might be a bit overboard…

Facade Kitsune says:

those snakes just look like a chain of bacilli bacteria XD

SaddleBag says:

No, the snakes look like those sausage chains

Epic Eaglez says:

Hmm so this is what happens to expired tictacs

COOLSWAT295 says:

snakes look like green sausage links

Natalie Anderson says:

Do like 4 or 5 snipers(musketmen) vs 35 spearmen

Nicholas Ng says:

Now i see what’s missing in this game. It looks like a really fun sandbox simulator but doesnt fit in any other genres. such as RTS. Units in this game lack weaknesses and strengths which makes them really hard to balance and thus have really steam rollie units. In an RTS, cost alone is usually not enough to balance units on. and also in RTS you usually have to build an economy. So for TABS i hope they implement a funding system where you collect credit points through missions to be able to afford an army. Also it would be great if instead of just pure credit, a player could retain whatever unit was left in his last mission and add up on it if they have credits. Credits shouldnt keep on restarting at x amount. credit should vanish when used it will force players to challenge themselves in the early games when they have low credit but still want to save for better units. I probably have a bunch of other things in my head but too lazy to think about right now

Starcraft player and RTS enthusiast

Jullian Jomman Galvan Palmer says:

Lord of the rings: The two towers

Kraken says:

Why do I not have this menu and I have a grid and I don’t have the Jedi or any of that stuff

COOLSWAT295 says:

4:42 reminds me of that one scene in IT (2017)

Melvin Andersson Ek says:

Do a yeti battle as many hunters (spear thrower) as your computer can handle and some yeti’s (chiken man man)

Kade Willingham says:

Do the animal battle. (snakes, chicken man man vs snakes, chicken man man)

Mr.keegan Schnieder says:

Snakes say attac sword men snakes it had to be snakes good by cruel world

Nathaniel Cuevas says:

play castlecrush please

Kristi Epperson says:

can you just have a giant peasent so attack on titan stuffz

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