SPEED ZONE UPDATE & DUI CHECKPOINT! – Flashing Lights Gameplay – Police Simulator 2018

SPEED UPDATE & DUI CHECKPOINT! – Flashing Lights Gameplay – Police Simulator 2018

Welcome to Camodo Gaming’s let’s play of Flashing Lights. Today we checkout the new speed update. This is a Police, Firefighter and EMS simulator game.

About Flashing Lights:
Flashing Lights is a single player and multiplayer emergency services simulator focusing on police, emergency medical services and the fire department

On Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/605740/Flashing_Lights__Police_Fire_EMS/

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Thomas Flohr says:

do more multi player

Liton Gaji says:

Merry Christmas together with your best friends

Emilio V. says:

yes more flashing lights

Les W. Hogan says:

What do you mean down here in Texas? That’s to the East of me

Student Ariel Velazco says:

I didn’t know you live in Texas. I live in Houston Texas

Max Miles says:

Thay do it in the car that’s why

Baldi says:

Um i have flashing lights but i would like to join a multiplay server. Anyone have a server with a pass word?

Josiah Weaver-Kreider says:

Camodo the white car going 94 despawned and the white one that you pulled over spawned just as you went over the hill.

Nate -ROBLOX says:

When you said “Hopefully they’ll adjust that a bit” instead of bit you said bi***.

Dynamic57 says:

Camodo, check 2:44 with captions

Camodo Gaming says:

Merry Christmas! Do you want to see more Flashing Lights?
PS sinking Tuesday happens later today.

Felix Chan says:

I want to

Scott Forsyth says:

12;39 you d**khead it was the person in the front car that’d caused.it by randomly stopping

Antoni O says:

Next time you should try to stay in the car

Mekhi flash p says:

Flashing lights is back baby

BMW X5 says:


Nate -ROBLOX says:

Can someone tell me what a speed zone is?

Oliver Dudley says:

It would be cool if you had home burglary’s that you could respond to! And if you got close enough to a fleeing suspect, you could tackel them instead of always using the taser.

diogo games says:

You are from TEXAS?

Jenny Lambert says:


Minecraftnoobplays Minecraftnoobplays says:

Merry Christmas merry Christmas to all and happy new year hehe

Jeneveive Aguilar says:

yes multiplayer

Brady S says:

Use the cars speed radar

Jake Aaron says:


Leuvaldo Meraz says:


RadialVolcano27 says:

2:42 Watch ur mouth!

superconnorgamer roblox says:

do u know i bought flashing lights bc it now has mac suport

Marco Ramirez says:

i can see… it now… three grapes (-_-)

Sweet Heart says:


Nate -ROBLOX says:

License and registration is not new.

Zack Peterson says:

Merry late Christmas

Rex1107 A says:

Play some free pc games

Ethan Driscoll says:

Cops run radar in their car

Noah Wright says:

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year’s.

Challenging Gameplay says:

In Ennis Texas the highway speed limit is 75

Jben 8437 says:

Here in Germany there’s infinite speed limits

da vehicle master says:

I would like to see a multiplayer vid

Anthony Taylor says:

Play more please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zack Reeves says:

Do more flashing lights multiplayer it’s so funny


Hey can cando stop bullying ob piz!

Jake Aaron says:

they sit in the car and do it there.

Maureen Sallmen says:

hi more more more more more

Sweet Heart says:

Please do a multiplayer

lionslunchtime104 says:

When you forget to edit something out. Listen for a bit starting at 12:47

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