SPARTAN Rebellion vs NINJA Army! (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay – TABS)

TABS Custom Battles – 300 Spartan Warrior Greeks vs Vikings and Ninjas (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Sandbox)

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About Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS):
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a wacky physics-based tactics game. Experience accurate warfare through the ages. From medieval peasants to modern-day weaponry, TABS uses state of the art physics-based simulation to provide you with never-before-seen insight to our greatest battles of history.

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basketball gang says:

America vs Russia

grooveska says:

how do you turn on the grid?

Awesome 105 says:

You should do an Avengers Infinity War battle with Thanos being a dark peasant with 4 super peasants as his “Children” and 25 laser pistols as his army VS. 1 of every unit (Avengers)

Tom Yang says:

Dude, you mixed the order in the battle of you and blitz. You are blue and he is red.

Leschnie says:


Wang Ethan says:

baron greece is pretty far away from china

Jason McMiles says:

Heres a challenge for you…

The Siorian Army of sioria (my army):
20 Beamers
1 Laser sword… guy?

The Baron Brigade:
Whatevs floats your boat.

Basically try to beat 20 Beamers

Margaret Price says:

baron hears my idea
i want 30 boxers btw red side 1 sniper one Hillary Clinton 20 shield then 1 ninja master map btw is you choose red side 40 axe and shield men and 20 spear throwers and the 10 archers also one super boxer

S B says:

pls make the battle of geonosis from star wars. i will let you and the viewers decide the troops. like this if you agree

Ethan Lackey says:

Add not only the avengers, but the Justice league, and have a versus

Barış aydıner says:

I got a suggestion for you ı hope you like it

– 10 Peasants(normal androids)
– 25 Ti kwon do guys(stronger androids)
– 5 muskets (Armed Androids)
– 1 M14 (Markus)

-10 Shield man (Agile force)
-5 M14(Amarican arm forces )
-1 Beamer(connor)
-1 musket (Hank)
-1 Balista (Tank)

Blackout Lol says:

Make the alien invasion : beamers,laser pistols you name it and then some farmers and peasants as people

Morzsa Zsemle says:

Helots were all farmers

Jonathan Dillingham says:

Baron, your noble highness, I have a suggestion for the next episode. Here is its story.
In the far future, humans have attempted to create robots with conciousnesses. After years of research, they succeed. But the robots catch a deadly virus, and humans have to survive a war against superior lifeforms.

The war of the ZOMBIE ROBOTS.

10 laser pistols as infantry
5 laser sabers and shields as SWAT
5 m16s as spec. Ops
1 laser saber master as the inqisitor
1 superboxer as a guy in power armor

20 theives as prototypes
5 bearmen as heavy droids
5 laser pistols as sentinels
3 superboxers as hyper-advanced battle droids

mindblast1 says:

Russo-finnish war(1939-1940):

10 vikings and 10 headbutters=Finnish skiers
1-boxcannon as their tactic (divide and conquer)
3 barrels as Molotov cocktails
1 catapult=Finnish artillery
10 muskets=Finnish infantry
1 lazer beam as the white death
5 Cannons= Russian tanks (add shields around them if you like as Armour)
30 muskets as Russian infantry
5 barrels as oil
2 ballistiaes as artillery

Yash/Ysahbelle YanyanieHobiHyung says:

The Battle of Pertland a.k.a. Stick War
(The Grass Lands)

The Order Empire (Red Team):

Footmen: 30x
Archers: 20x
Ballistas: 5x
Catapults: 5x
Spears and Shields: 20x
BARELLS!: 20x (Distraction or High Damagers)
Le Muskets: 10x
Da Neons (Any Unit u Want): 20x

The Chaos Empire (Le Blues)

Archers,Shields,Spears and Footmen: 40x (Ten Per Each Unit That i Said)
Ballistas and Catapaults: 20 (10 for Ballistas and Catapaults
Vikings and Axe: 20x
Donald and Hillary: 2x (1 Trump and 1 Hillary)

If Game Lags Slow it Down…

The DukeFuturePenguin says:

“Chinese civil war”
Puts ninjas and samurai

arc jeff says:



ghost pen says:


Yash/Ysahbelle YanyanieHobiHyung says:

Pls Do Tell me This is The Remastered Version of TABS?!

Shogun Glenn 850 says:

War for planet plant Saiyan’s 100 Superman’s
I forgot the name of the people
Baby 1 Superman and 500 laser beamers

Michael kinney says:

1 like=earlier full release date

Stephen Vazquez says:

Map: Neon
Greek vs 3 Super peasants.

Cute Canard says:

Napoleon invasion of Russia
The icy one

Units blue for napoleon
2 chariots as cavalry
3 cannons
and 1 samurai master as Napoleon

Red team the Russians
1 Bearman as the Russian emporer
15 farmers as Russian peasants
1 ballista as aartillary
5headbuters as cavalry

Wyatt Rising says:

I am using my phone to type in these comments on this episide

Duckmissile says:

A Persian empire conquest through all the different types of lands. End it with a battle against the Spartans. Comment what the battles could be.

NATHALIE CHOCHO Coulibaly says:

More tabs

Russell Barnes says:

Star wars attack of the clones

Blue team 40 laser pistols as clones 2 lightsabers as Jedi(I don’t know what there called in the game) and 2 Chariots for artillery

Red team 60 laser pistols for droids and 1 lightsaber guy for a sith and 1 Chariot for artillery

dylan wall says:

the battle that never existed. for red have 10 vikings 10 head butters 16 spear throwers 20 farmers 10 barbarians 10 peasants and 1 chicken man man vs donald trump 2 machine guns as elite guards 20 samurai 1 samurai master 1 ninja master 10 ninja 10 foot men 20 shield men 20 spear men

TrackerBeast says:

with how many loud breathes and loud swallows you do, you could of put asmr in the title

Perry Christensen says:

the battle of thermopoly if you can

Tim Phillips says:

Try to defeat this 3 axemen line formation of Vikings 1 cannon in the back archers guarding it

Leoforcool gaming says:

Baron’s brigade and bliztopio the third one. (Back story) once baron won the war blitz assault all of baron’s army. Baron made a time machine to get by the future and the past and his fan want to help baron defeat blitz

Baron’s team

100 pesents as viewers

75 boxers as people who smash to like button

50 theivies as people who backstab blitz

10 catipolts as people who crush the bell

A sameria master as me

5 super boxer as people who smash the subscribe button

A energy sword master as baron

10 energy swordman as fans

Donald trump

10 spear throwers

14 spear man

60 headbutters as dinosaurs

16 energy pistal

2 ninja masters

And 20 vikings

Blitz’s team

50 theivies as backstabbers

14 footman

10 cannons

A energy sword master as blitz

10 energy swordman as fans

10 shields

16 musket

14 archer


25 pesents

60 ti-qua-do

20 ninjas

25 barbarians

50 farmers

2 axe man

6 gravity dudes

Wesley Ge says:

300 Spartans: 20 vikings, 5 spear throwers vs 100 peasants + however many likes this comment gets

Bob Brzyski says:

Tabs should just realese some of the new physics they have made like fighting

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