Sneak Thief – The WORST Criminal – Thief Simulator – Sneak Thief Gameplay Part 1

Welcome to Sneak Thief, a game where your goal is to steal as much as possible while crazed gunmen try and kill you. In this episode we do a home burglary and it doesn’t go as planned. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Sneak Thief, thanks for watching and liking.

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Intro: Pure Gold 1 – Niklas Ahlström
Outro: JAWN – Duck of Doom


Fireboltofdeath says:

Bank: Easy
Yacht: Normal (Aka harder than the bank)

amgd almashrafi says:

3:47 hello? and pew pew pew dead

Chad Cassell says:


Noraini Sen says:

wow draegast say i steal all this shit there are more shit in that hause

Personic Person says:


ΕᏀᏀᎦ ВΞηιdict says:


Kyle B and Gemma lee says:

And my sisters only five

Ice Bear says:

What if that thing would happen? “(Thief comes to doors. Knock knock. Whos That? Thief! Thief who? Sneak Thief (Guy Opens Doors) (They play sneak thief).”

Death Blossom says:

“WHAT THE FUCKING SHOO WHAT THE FU” i almost died lmao

aymen brahmi says:

don,t open the carbdor

Caleb Brown says:

He kept on showing up because you kept opening the garage door. Remember how you said it was loud?

Zak YT says:

6:46 i just jumped out from the chair, Ong Jumpscare

Kyle B and Gemma lee says:

You say a lot of bad words and I’m only 8

Ryan Winslow says:

payday 3 is looking awesome

Thomas Comeau says:

There was a piece of paper by the toilet in the washroom

Tyler Roddy says:

You should definetly do more

Dudejo says:

And that’s why you don’t break into Agent 47’s house

Will.Shing 威星 says:

thats intense


He does realize the panel with the buttons desables the alarm making him come home not fast

Jake Philpott says:

This guy kills on sight more hardcore than a DAYZ player

Danny Wire says:

play more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Band1t says:

I played this game on gamejolt, it’s come so far

Kirk Bothwell says:

More! Plz 🙂

Artur Jõgi says:

he triggered the alarm with the garage controls

Lazy Sir JT says:

“What the foober”

Mr.brown says:

I fuckin shit my pants this game is creepy as as fuck

He Man says:

“wtf, are you home?” hahahahaaaa

Kavawn Hitch says:

3:45 he did an execution LOL

Max The best says:

this is dont breath


i don’t know where he is…. I GOTTA GO OUTSIDE

Doni Dozh says:

3:44 ice cold killer

Mafka says:

dat intro do

Danny Wire says:

play more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Assassin Boi says:

Draegast is the funniest YouTuber i know always has me dying

Hound Bob says:

Play more of this please

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