Scania S730 – 55T Special Transport | Euro Truck Simulator 2 | Logitech g29 gameplay

Scenic route through winding mountain roads from Stavanger to Oslo in a Scania S730 hauling 55 Tonne haul truck chassis driven with Logitech g29 and shifter in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

PC Specification: (DESKTOP)
Processor : Intel i5 6600K
GPU : AMD Radeon R9 390

Music Used : Jo Cohen Sex Whales – We Are [NCS Release]


Kiyan567 says:

bæ video

Kill 'Em All says:

Better than GTA V

8 Шар says:

Долбаеб черножопый, ты бы перевернулся нахуй, если бы не машина сопровождения.

Ryan White says:

I’ll study for my psych test in a bit… After I watch this man drive a simulated truck for 30 minutes…

tijani dz says:

الي فيكم عربي لايك واشتراك

Saeed bakari says:

plz can u tll me how i can i download the euro truck simulator 2 plz i really need help

Syed Mohiuddin says:

Hit like only if you want him crash..

Louise Whitelock says:

Do you get any force feedback on the wheel from this game?

dy Lan says:

May I ask u what is your recording app

Klein Reid says:

where you get these games with steering wheel and all

DrakeLV says:

Where can i get logitech g920 for 170€?

Никита Фоменко says:

Ебать на ультрах

sh fd says:

What did yo do in 16:47?

Gabriel De Langlade says:

Bravo ..NICE

Айтуран Садарова says:

Оад ад

Айтуран Садарова says:

Рвово уо

Nitin Kalmaste says:

trucking with me

Marte Holmelid says:

God you are there i live

muhammad khan says:

love this video

MrE4gl3 says:

Bro, what software you use for record your game?



Harvey Torres Briceño says:

Watch this now. Than|k me later.

Adde Defreitas says:

Man I actually thought you were driving in real life great video and driving.

piedip schmik says:


Junior gamer says:

o Zé

Thumati Srinu says:

nice driving

Kristian lika seg på sjøen says:

Noken norske her?

Revolutionäre Jugend says:

which camera do you use?

Kiyan567 says:

shit video

Joeys Father says:

Uhhhh it’s euro drive on right hand side

floopy doopy says:


sh fd says:

Why you drive behind ambulance throughout?

Brithnes 1 says:

This game multiplayer in nfs


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