RV DESTRUCTION!! – Camper Jumper Simulator Gameplay – Let’s Play Camper Jumper Simulator

Camper Jumper Simulator is a crazy, racing game with lots of puzzles to discover and solve. Challenging trails with lost of shortcuts that must be found to win. Lots of hidden secrets and challenges!


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Camper Jumper Simulator is a crazy, racing game with lots of puzzles to discover and solve. Challenging trails with lost of shortcuts that must be found to win. Lots of hidden secrets and challenges! Use nitro and hand brake to overcome the route as soon as possible, jump over deep crevices of rocks, beware of mutated animals and not very friendly alien civilization!

The holidays are a time of rest. In the end I will be able to realize the wildest ideas and to test the vehicles in the area! That’s what you thought. Together with two friends you travel to Raven Rock. Small canyon, wilderness, which in a year have become the center of entertainment can not wait!

On the spot it turned out that not everything is as it should be. The area is abandoned. Rumors spoke of strange mutated animals, wild beasts from the past and even alien civilization visiting Earth! It’s all nonsense you thought and started to prepare the car for the ride.

Test the car by solving puzzles of Raven Rock! Use your skills but also your brain. Visit ancient caves, use left behind by the fleeing workers machines, use everything to stop the alien invasion!


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Intro Made by Ds43m:

Intro Song – The Swing by TexasBrother:


Louise Brown says:

and I love your planet coaster vids because you’re the best at the game : )

Ctop says:

Hope you guys enjoy this video on the incredibly odd Camper Jumper Simulator. If you do make sure you leave a like and a comment on the vid!

SETHACON Theman says:

lol Ctop got so annoyed he stopped responding

Leiska says:

A. Yes
B. No
C. Don’t really know

Xyno ! says:

Boris keeps dying man

Aki Kanervo says:

this game is odly satysfiening sry My bad Spelling

Nigel Fish says:

Crop, what is your subscriber aim for 2017

SETHACON Theman says:

does anyone else feel bad for what Boris has gone through anyone?

Sharky says:

I love your videos!!!!!! also like how you respond to comments.

Bio Hazard says:

6 likes 4 views lol

Parkour dinosaur 58 says:

This is the story on how I threw my hot wheels camper off a 40 foot bluff

Geralt ofRivia says:

I thought this said VR Destruction lol


cool vid

NightSprite says:

Errmmm, sorry for objectifying you, Ctop, but you’re quite cute! Most unexpected, sorry!

PricyMacaroon 35 says:

Ctop. Plz do planet coaster

Connor Sankey says:

America’s greatest pastime? Totally, because I love waking up, hopping in my RV and driving away from giant monsters, while doing sick tricks…

SETHACON Theman says:

This is the best game ever


thanks ctop for being my best YouTuber You Amazing

X_Factor says:


Jerry Chen says:


Mandy Forsey says:

I would like to see a school-themed planet coaster park!

Louise Brown says:

pls do a planet coaster video

perkypokey says:

You’re WAY more entertaining than the game. LOL

ToxiCash Gaming says:

Hello ctop would you make a retro dance video thank you

Anders Davidson says:

This video totally reminded me of the movie RV, anyone else??

MrManJoseph says:

What mic/audio setup do you use?

Ronzku says:


Freemanian says:

the boogie bus

Jennifer Brewer says:

This looks remarkably like my parents’ Bounder, only theirs is a 34-footer.

Maxwell Ebdon says:

Do planet coaster please

wittski Wood says:

Keep up the great work ctop

papabeanguy says:

what the hell am i watching

SETHACON Theman says:

maybe Ctop do you

Tommy Games says:

can you Play Ultimate Chicken Horse Please

Physicskid 87 says:


Thames Flats says:

Camper Jumper Simulator!
Almost as good as simulator simulator which was better than simulator simulator simulator but not as good as simulator simulator simulator simulator and that game was *nothing* compared to simulator simulator simulator simulator simulator

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