Roman Battle Formations – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay

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He Who Lays Chickens – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator AKA Castle Clash Gameplay

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Olav Engan says:

I must say, I love this game

Sans The Skeleton says:


Cai Jones says:

In the early days of the Roman republic they would use 1-2 lines o shields an then 4-8 lines of spearmen, they later would use short swords and shields which were organised in a tight manor. Tactics differed per general but usually cavalry units would flank whilst the shields and swords infantry would be in the middle with any other ‘artillery, archers, spears’ would be In the back row. Obviously this wasn’t used by all generals because of preference and/or the different type of enemy’s.

Andrew Nguyen says:

1:15 That Boxer is a genus, he helped the Poacher moving the Poacher to the back area when he is unable to move with a bow
Sadly the flank fail…

Grand Admiral Hacks says:

Your poachers kept shooting your upper forces so there was a lot of friendly fire. Anyways, love your videos!

Kepler_Drew says:

Sitting on the edge of my seat, watching colored groups of polygons circle each other. We are easily entertained creatures.

mewantsubz hello says:

xisuma i loved this vod do more like it 🙂

Haberja Gaming says:

Show us some formations using cannons and balista using more historically accurate ones!

Descer GameplaysYmas says:

líke si hay algún latino

grimlock 1202 says:

do shields in the front and put archers behind the shelids then put spearmen on the side

Randy says:

Just go with many spearmen, enclosed by shields at the front and sides. Then make 3 of those units and place archers at the back. Chariots weren’t for war as far as I know

RR The II says:

wish that war elephants we’re added and Hannibal will be in data game and a mountain map for the alps cuz Hannibal crossed the freaking alps with freaking war elephants

Cezzann Amido says:

how did u download the game? i registered and subscribed to landfall still no link its been days no… weeks!

The Person Who Likes Games says:


xXEpicMinerXx says:

Spears are in front, barbarians 2nd, shields 3rd, arrows 4th, catapults back

The Avenger at Ilipa says:

You kept losing because your poachers kept shooting your guys in the back. Footmen also run faster than most other units so they should be in the front to keep them from running your own guys over. (Same with chariots)

Minecraft Player says:

every thought poachers were killing friendly your a fucking idiot

Ryan Gabriel says:


Itllbedoneinajiffy says:

When u said u were going to use 120 units and used 119…

aizler gueco says:

the chariot part was so funny!!!:-)

MegaBitas says:

do not put poachers behind never put them at the sides

youssef moussa says:

watch historia civilis on youtube

Skylen Angell says:

1-506,781 change that xisuma will respond

Mc Ocelot says:


Pedro Henrique says:

how can I download this game? I’ve already subscribed to Alpha Sign-up but received nothing! =(

Nikolaj Frydensberg says:

Just loves this game!

WarshMeh says:

Its Rome 3! lmao

Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing says:

You need archers not poachers. Your poachers are shooting your own shield man

Oboe-Wan Kenobi says:

This is great. I want more.

Corwin Hsien says:

Phalanx Formation

TheRedSkele [Minecraft][Vr]And more!!!] says:

how do u download ?

Pawniard TV says:

love this vid! plus i also like classic war stuff

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