ROBOT CONTROL! (Xemo – Robot Simulation Gameplay)

Time to bring my Toribash skills to a test! Xemo Robot Simulation is a neat simulator game where you can create movements for a robot! I went through some challenge levels where I had to get my robot to walk, run, turn, and even jump by manipulating its joints. Pretty cool!

Xemo Robot Simulation on Steam:

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more of dis pwease

Dylan Knight says:

I haven’t laughed this hard in a while, man. thanks ze!

Small Ballz says:

Like and you will have a million dollars tomorrow

TYP3 Evolution LIVE says:

Hi Guys Plz Sub To Me I Was Watching RomanAtwoods Subscriber Count Go Up And I Was Like Man I Wish That Was Me. So Please Make My Widh Come True

Quadsanity Jet says:

I’m just leaving a comment to see if Ze will reply

Andrew Salinas says:

Play toribash

Jeff the Panda says:

nice video:]

Xemo Robots says:

Ze: Nice playthrough! Funny, and patient too! We were impressed with how far you got using, shall we say, unconventional moves. More to come next month – look for an update around Dec 20th.

– Jeff Sprenger
Xemo Dev Team
Burlington Vermont.

leerobbo92 says:

The ultimate ab workout

TheKingDagon108 says:

you should do more of this pls

Kikbakgamez Minecraft and more says:

Plz plz play more


Darth Guilder says:

8:38 ze that man is having a seizure

Lucia Tsuki says:

This game reminds me of a class I had in college.

Trevader says:

I feel like you cheated the whole time. NO PRESETS

3000Shog says:

When I walk I don’t move my arms

uNdErStUdY ViRtILiCa says:

Please play more.

Betelgeuse says:

Hey scroller.

Stefan Ionel says:

10:37 = all his hopes and dreams

I LOVE YOU says:

#UNDER301CLU-oh yeah…

Superbanananinja says:

This is cool to watch! 😀
Also, you have to remove your vine tag from the description, Ze.

DTG Slayer says:

Zeroyal when are youll going to do more gameplayes of lbp i might guess until lbp4 comes out

CpU BloodFlame says:

That tittle sounds like my Xbox gamer tag

Insanity Scene says:


SnowOnyx says:

Holy fuck. It reminds me of robot named Drossel from the show Fireball.

foxy killer 332 reacts says:

zeroyalviking when are we going to play Universe Sandbox like are you ever going to play it I’m sorry if I got your YouTube channel name wrong too I mean like I was wondering are you going to ever play that game like ever I was just wondering

Kingofgoldness R says:

6th commen oh yeah

Ruata Lungchuang says:

always so cheerful and excited.. really enjoying your videos,

cgvkjxygfoiuds fjdsk8yfha says:

all of his videos have barley any dislikes it is so cool 700K!!!!!!

Gavabunga says:

Robo dance, ooohyea!

Ryan Jones says:

make more town of salem

Andrew Alfaro says:

I love this. Please more Ze

TheSadisticGamer says:

Amazing video!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t stop laughing! XD

Rafael Ssj says:


Techaxe says:

Got a robot toy ad on a robot gaming video.

Hugh Mungus says:

I just got a 2 minute ad that I couldn’t skip, what up youtube?

Pixxz says:

Do a part 2 without the presets.

Kingofgoldness R says:

6th comment o yeah

Damian Crider says:

Yay more viking

Sarah Abby says:

love it!

jj davis says:

play more toribash pleas

Zerada says:

More more! <3

Majestic BudderMaster says:

Ze’s thumbnail made Ze look “special”.

Jared Vaden says:


EpicRobotoMan Films says:

Can you also do Reacts to videos please 🙂

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