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Rr Vlogs! says:

Guys please report these scammers they are found in people’s replies they are not true so please report them pleaseee

masterlenby Jvonswag Master says:

my roblox name is masterlenby 200 freinds in one month or year

mayaadam1 says:


Kenneth Placido says:

The code is update1hype

Teejhay Funakoshi says:

Play Roblox The Condo.

puma master2651 says:

Project zorgo is whaching

Jada aaa says:

Post post post now

Betty Bregana says:



Thanks for playing my game pat and jen!!!

melissa lopez says:

Sure girly game I’m friend request you on ROBLOX she aseppt it

BeachGirl says:

I really want you guys to play a survival game that would be soooo funny love you guys

Dominic Torres says:

I have a shark laucher LOL

MrSamsam1974 says:

Give me roblox please give me roblox please

mikayla welch says:

i try to find this game but i cant

braydentde Wickersham says:

i am superboy45389

Angelyn Tay says:

A code is called update1hype that is 1 code u can get 1 day 2xp bost

Maesie Villocillo says:

What is the game name

Alessandro Koover says:

Here is a imagination event you can do it ends September 20

LemonSplash says:

Play dragon ball final stand

braydentde Wickersham says:

can I please have robux

Doggy Expirents says:

Yes part two

Ben Schinderman says:

hi jen

Jennifer Olsten says:

Play veichle simulator

Lucky Lou says:

And um… pat sorry but the spy pen isnt as great as the one before…. he he he…

Gacha Mimi says:

love you guys!!!!

Drsindhu Awale says:

Use this code leveluphype

kawaii_cupcake_pet says:

Can u guys go on pet sim btw love ur channel guys have a good day! Btw user is jasandabs if u
Can add me!?

Jesse Yokom says:

Lvl 20

Ronny Rambaran says:

pat and jen i want to be your friend on roblox plz i sub jen

Aphmau Lover says:

Plz do royal high

Rhea Lindo says:

You Can Size Your Avatar At The Avatar Settings

Jake_Miron 27 says:

Buy infinite storage

audrey christi domingo says:

Do a three

Gabia Hops says:

The bee launcher shoots out 3 bees if you stand far away from the structure then click then you can see the 3 bees

CHEN HEYU - Students says:

you dudes need to buck up, I am at army base (LvL31) already

Lucky Lou says:

sorry guys but my brother is like 7 years old and he played this for ten minutes and was at like level ten…. his username is chessmasterlin (his avatar is a girl tho… lol

Camo GT says:

1: Will you remember me in a year
2: Yes
1: Will you remeber me in a month
2: Still Yes
1: Will you remeber me in a week
2: Again Yes
1: Knock Knock
2: Who’s there
1: See you forgot me already

168snails says:

Play bee swarm!

Jason Oraniuk says:

try bee swarm simulator

Easy Done says:


MrSamsam1974 says:

I have a better weapon

kik _YT13 says:

Use the code *LevelUpHype

Rhea Lindo says:

The Bricks That Needed For My Backpack Is 7,500

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