Review: Pioneer Space Simulation Gameplay

Taking a look at the Space Simulator called Pioneer!

An incredible space simulator that features Newtonian laws, planetary landings and millions upon millions of planets and moons inside millions upon millions of solar systems, waiting to be explored.

Download it from:

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tha docta says:

i like this look of frontier

Lord Whitenorth says:

How did you remove the number tag from the ship?

Christian Skwirblis says:

I played Pioneer Space Sim for a while, because when i was a pupil i played the Elite2/Frontier game. I am also very interested in Astronomy/Space and SciFi. The quite realistic physic model of Pioneer brought me to an even more hardcore Simulator: The #Orbiter2010 although you cannot call that a game anymore 😉 If you are interested in that, just watch the Tutorial Playlist of David Courtney you will be amazed how complex this simulator is, its really educating software and you need weeks and months to manage it:

The seamen of the ultimate privileged problematic cisgendered white straight shitlord scum says:

For a free, open-source game, this is very amazing. A lot of dedication was put into this.

Sheldor Cooper says:

I wish that i didn’t suck at flying manually.

TheLawkill says:

If you select option 2, when communicating and setting auto-pilot. It will dock the ship for you and adjust time-speed accordingly by itself.

Everaldo Santos says:

I didn’t know theese types of games exist!!! We need more games like this, open universe games, no limits, enough with invisible walls that stops you to get to the horizon.

james parkinson says:

This is basically Frontier but made for modern PC’s. Which is awesome as Frontier was one of my favorite games as a child.

Haruhi Suzumiya says:

cant wait for no mans sky

walmartian says:

is this procedual generation?

Planet says:

There is the coop or the multiplayer?

Benoit Schipper says:


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