Ready for Take off – A320 Simulator PC Gameplay 1080p 60fps

Ready for Take off – A320 Simulator
Developer: Caipirinha Games
Publisher: Aerosoft
Genre : Flight Simulator
Release Date: 13 April, 2017
Platform: Windows
Mode: Single-player

Unlike more complex flight simulations, Ready for Take off was designed from the ground up to enable beginners to successfully complete a flight with less effort and learning. Advanced flight simulation enthusiasts in turn have a straightforward all-in-one solution at hand, including lots of airports right from the start.

The player can take place behind the control stick of one of the most well known airliners: the Airbus A320. Its cockpit places all the important functions and systems at the player’s disposal – voice recordings from real air traffic help create the appropriate atmosphere. Additionally, the simulation includes a Beechcraft Baron for short range and training flights.

– Ready for Take off comes with 9 travel destinations out of the box, including the airports of Düsseldorf, Palma de Mallorca, London Heathrow, and Nice.
– Their 3D models are of high quality and rich in details.
– They also feature movable objects – luggage carts, busses, pushback trucks, jetways, etc. create a lively apron scenery.
– A day and night cycle makes these sceneries appear in the right mood.

In the beginning, players can choose whether they want to fly freely between two airports or experience long-term thrill in the career mode.

System requirements:
Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (64 bit)
3 GHz Dual Core Processor
4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
GeForce GTX 560 or similar (no support for onboard cards)
20 GB free hard disk space
DirectX compatible sound card

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Charles9612 says:

Landing at 200 knots. Are you stupid? You’re supposed to land at a maximum of 140.

S P A G H E T T says:

i have this game i bought it after 2 days of official release

Harry says:

1st dislike, this game looks like poop

myhybrid09 says:

Jimmy, stop staring at your cute co-pilot lol

Adam Gamer says:

Man I wish this is on ios and android

no left behind says:

hey jimmy thanks for uploading this, great video.
what setting do you use in this game?

Hans Anderson says:

The pilot voice sounds like herr Flick from Allo allo….

Edek Albańczyk says:

to Polacy klaszczą na pewno

iCeMaN tHe BeSt says:

you got a sexy blonde co pilot Jimmy hope she dosent distract you lol

Andrealison Leão de Souza says:

overspeed landing!!!

flying-drummer says:

Looks like the “light-test” switch is engaged all the time…

MrGilly says:

The cute co-pilot winked at you!

Atrin Lakpour says:

i wouldnt even call this a simulator, a320 simulator even. Its so unrealistic

Fahrin 17 says:

does this game support flight Yoke?

yura cannas says:

thanks man☺

Elias Severholt says:

Right. No flaps, check! Overspeed, Check! Hard landing, Check! Not a good pilot, check! Doing everything wrong, check!

avvedadde Gaming says:

Nice video I like youre channel so much

Szigeti Timea says:

This is an arcade crap not a simulator

Skipper847 says:

Never knew planes had window exits?.

FSXGamerX A320 says:

Is that the only A320? Lufthansa?

Nico Volberg says:

It doesnt tell you to put flaps for takeof position

UCANTCEEME Gamer says:

What up Jimmy! Extra Legitness on those Landings! U da Flight Sim King!!!!

Alfa Romeo says:

can you help me that the how to pay the a320 gmae

Jeff Cockmann says:

how is this a simulator, theres no startup sequence, and the computer seems to do everything for you. I guess its more like microsoft flight simulator than lets say one of those DCS games where all the buttons you see in the airplane can be pressed and have a function.

Fernando Lucario says:

I want to fuck the co-pilot, what key do I have to press to do that?

Hans Anderson says:

Nice addon…

itzJoshMyDudes says:

does this game cost money?

gman00712 says:

The Co-pilot has nice poppers on her.

Spkier says:

the game looks like its made for phones and it’s not a simulator its an arcade the aerodynmatic clearly tells you that FSX is arcade too

Tom says:

Definitely very good for a beginner, and a step toward the more realistic flight sims, but nice IMO.

SHOOTER 57 says:

I know not everyone wil know what I mean but this should be called Dreamliner Simulator.

Batour AFG says:

flight simulator is best

sloppywetblow says:

looks cool bud

Adam Gamer says:

Does this also have other planes?

Prince of Sahara says:

How to increase and drop the speed plz ?
I didn’t understand
How about the changing the camera too?

Elgus 114 says:

One, zeeggo, tree ready to take off :))))

BandaMan says:

Why does he sound like the northenalex

swifty1969 says:

my BA Captain cousin would be appalled playing this sim.

Dan Hughes says:

“Use [W] to land” … or shift W to have the game totally play for you?

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