Rat Simulator – Eat Cheese, Infect People? – Rat Simulator Gameplay Highlights

Welcome everybody to Rat Simulator! Rat Simulator is a new odd simulation game where you are a Rat living in a neighborhood of mostly muscly men. In Rat Simulator you do rat things like break objects, eat all the food you can find and of course spread some sort of rat plague across the area. I hope you enjoyed this…. interesting experience, thanks for watching and liking!

More Weird Games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWicRO76gz8&list=PLEngsjAeWQXgqOdKm6PxYwNogmTqBreJ7

Rat Simulator on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/596950/Rat_Simulator/

Rat Simulator is a survival stealth role-playing simulator where you experience the life of a rat in a suburban neighborhood.

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Intro: Title: Richard Caddock, WRLD, Nitro Fun, Slips & Slurs & Subtact – Break The Silence
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Sweeteswig 3037 says:

This video is RADicale

Jack Wolfe says:

21:40 i kept waiting for the “Simulator” part of the game.

TheRoamer266 says:

That looks like a big mouse, not at all like a rat.

Chameleon1616 says:

Drae plaughe the outside rooms firsts.

Viktor Kiss says:

Why is there a hungarian flag on the fridge at the menu?

Deez Nuts says:

this game is so cheesy haha……oh just kill me

kay fairbrother says:

somebody burn me

ThinkAboutIt says:

That “rat” looks like a mouse instead of a rat. Funny game though

Gamer 101 says:

wait after you upload the video the game will be released tomorrow? you go back in time to upload?

Alex Rodriguez says:

when he said “im not a good rat” right before he said rat my notification went off i thought he cussed and censored it

David Lazcano says:

play more

Todd Brown says:

It’s either that this is a small house or your just a big ass mouse, because I don’t think a mouse should be as large as a table. Or just the table is a small ass table.

Peyton Malek says:

1 infected rat vs millions of europeans

Akemi Homura says:

if you’ve never experienced mice before you are lucky.

TheOriginalDell says:

I love watching this video

Count Pastacreep says:

Welcome to Rat Simulator, as you can tell by this rat on top of this fridge….points to a mouse.

Pum Egér #Greener says:

there’s a Hungarian flag at the fridge at 0:14

Cartar 2169 says:

This game was released today, or actually tomorrow by the time this goes up. You mean yesterday? I understand, it’s a effortless game, so effortless speech, like school

Todd Brown says:

These pest men are RATchet. Heh…. hehe… he….

animebat says:

looks more like a mouse with those ears, but what a cute evil little thing

GooberBoy says:

the game its so funny lol wkwk

Jack Wolfe says:

I like the “infect people” lol #AmusingHistoricalMiscommunications

Sub Morpher25 says:

Keemstar would flourish in this game

Douteigoroshi Tαμα says:

The pestman can do magic!

Megaladon7k says:

looks like a mouse

FR3SH says:

The picture in the kids bedroom is on google if u look up cool pictures you’ll find it

DOUBLE-A says:


ATLLulu says:

“I can’t rat”

Todd Brown says:

I get it. They put the apple next to the physics for a elbow at newton.

Samuel Soetratma says:

Which would win?
A rat or the whole of Europe

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