Prison Simulator – Official Gameplay Trailer (NEW Prison Simulation Game 2019)

Prison Simulator – Official Gameplay Trailer (NEW Prison Simulation Game 2019)

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Luis Fernando Leon says:

This looks lilsle fun,Now I get why there’s so many corrupt cops.

Rah'tel Jackson says:

This is fucked up, first they propagate the prison system now they’re making a joke, a gag about prison life, these are people yo… not all of them are crazy, not all of them are evil.

Hodgey Gamer says:

I’m getting that

Sam Martin says:

cant wait for the switch release!

awesomejf03 says:

Can I rape my immates?


First Bum Simulator and now this. What’s next? Streaker Simulator?

DJ Ninja B says:

Can be the prisoner too

The Psychopath says:

Oh boy here comes the sjw..

gammav 97 says:

Plz be multiplayer!!!!

Michael Corey says:

Walkin a mile, Walkin a mile. Walkin a green mile.

the ultimate Super Saiyan blue gamer says:


Xavier Vera says:

Its sad that this is the way prisons are run, it speaks poorly of our society. I respect the game and I even think id enjoy beating the shit out of the prisoners, but it clearly shows we are fucked up.

Javen says:

Need After Prison Show to play this

Samuel Hunter says:

Unpolished but still looks quite entertaining.

Stormie Hi says:

This look unpolished

DoubleONine AnAHaf says:

Put it in the bin next to Hobo sim.

Af0 says:

Search the anal cavity > Find drugs > Tazer his ass > Wash Hands > Hehehe

Smart Ass says:

Finally my dream of being a corrupt prison guard comes true

Shilvergreen says:

This’ll be fun

Paronax says:

Thats not gameplay. What is this shit pretending to be an ingame gameplay. They fucking shot themselves in the foot and im no longer interested in the game. Good fucking job.

Officer Flat Foot says:

jesus christ

A and A gaming says:

Yall so gay wanting to see niggas fuck in the shower

BadTimes McGee says:

Can you kill the prisoners?

Haunted Astolfo bean plushie says:


I’m interested……

GreekGaming Machine says:

Love it!

teamhebi13 says:

i can’t wait for this haha

hanif marzuki says:

Sooo can I recreate “that” scene from green miles?

Miyamoto Shun Masaki says:

Nappa: Hey Vegeta…

Vegeta: What?….

Nappa: …..Don’t drop the soap…

Alexander Coleman says:

where’s big herc

Steven Dunn says:

Y’all motherfuckers need Jesus

Marcos Kraft says:

Mmmm ok ; /

TokisadaShiro says:

Is there cheek busting involved? If not I’m not playing

VenomKnight says:

Don’t Drop The Soap

AlshepType says:

Fun concept and nice change of perspective to other prison management games.
Hope the end product doesn’t look as unpolished and crap as this trailer.


New player

Rah'tel Jackson says:

It’s as if you’re getting a chance to play “martial law”


Where’s Torque?

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