Police Simulator 18 Gameplay

Gameplay from the upcoming game Police Simulator 18. The game, as shown, is still a work in progress

Website – http://www.astragon.de/en/news/police-simulator-18/
Trailer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A15iIIfPXxE


Colton Hofmann says:

Shitty driver.

billy bob says:

dont have it in missions, make little side missions instead

Sam Hughes says:

Is this on Xbox one, or pc?

Ryan Whitt says:

This looks incredible lame.

anakin grima says:


JonnehBongeh says:

That looks shit.

ElGato7000 says:

i want this.

Raffaele Ronga says:

Yet another copy and paste simulator game made by Germans. This time copying from Americans.

Lonnie Riddle says:

What system is this on?

Kyle says:

This game is going to be awesome!

AVC-Works says:

This game looks horrible… GTA5 with police mod FTW

Fu Fuy says:

Make this game for the ps4

AwkwardYet says:

But can you shoot people randomly

Lozzy Opino says:

Looks nice for a 2011 game
Oh wait

qwerkaz says:

Yeah, i’m sure that’s how someone carrying meth, handgun and a crack pipe would act when officer randomly pops up and wants to do body check

Casey Herron says:

Graphics are TERRIBLE!

Ted Wall says:

is is xbox or pc

Jake Hatz says:

Bruh did you see the brakes on that squad car

ulandoCary says:

when does this come out

moky1991 PS4 says:

Coming on ps4?

EQUITY says:

audio is fucked the physics is fucked no one would play this game if its all fucked

ppatrickrob says:

Wat game is that

Brandon B says:

these guys need to consult a lawyer or a law professional, you cant search someone without probable cause

yee says:

That siren sounds like a toy police car losing it’s battery power…

CarCat says:

Things that need to be improved: Everything.

Wouter Lonnee says:

Wooow :O nice game!!

Handika Setyawan says:

The graph almost look like gta v and watchdogs , developer can use motion blur etc , and improve more physics

Alex Croak says:

looks like total garbage


Needs to be like lspdfr

luki123543 says:

Looks like a game from 2010

MLG Potato says:

love this game

Nick Harper says:

this looks pretty neat

Oskar Mdn says:

lol this game is awesome

Aljosa g says:

This could actualy be a great game

Ernest Hughes says:

Why recreate when there is stuff already out thay is better like gta. Should really try somehow and get with rockstar to make actual.cop game and not mod

NiceN ́Easy says:

“Cops” is filmed on location with the men and women of law enforcement. The suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law

Aze rie_ says:

on pc or console or on mobilr

Ricardo de Waard says:

those white/red highlight lines around vehicles and peds need to go. Immersion killer.

GE Genesis says:

The Police car sure looks a lot like the civic cruiser of some old NFS games. 9 10 and 12. lol

Dr Vlad says:

Another police simulator that will be disappointment.

Ollie 123gaming says:

This Xbox or is it on pic??

Chitty Chat says:

Idk if it’s just me but it reminds me of watchdogs

Cold Blooded Snipers says:

What system is this for? Only PC or also consoles?

Olanov says:

Jesus Christ.

Rj Right says:

LCPD:FR Remade

EDIT: I just realized that it’s a German made game. So I don’t blame the game currently in its stage.

Benjamin_015 ツ says:

This is terrible

Tim M Jr AreYouGood.us says:

Sirens not so great but looks like a promising game. However, my money will be on Police 10-13 first.

Ivor Fan's says:

can you please change the crap police siren, search realistic police siren from lcpdfr or lspdfr…. and also help to make another version for mobile…..

Jay CSGO says:

God, the dialog is so BAD

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