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——————————————-PC SPECS—————————————–
Case – NZXT H700i
CPU Cooling – NZXT Kraken X62
Motherboard – NZXT N7 Z370 ATX LGA 1151 Black
GPU – EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC Gaming Black Edition
CPU – Intel Core i7-8700K 3.7 GHz 6-Core
Power Supply – Seasonic Focus Plus 850W 80+ Gold
RAM – G.SKILL TridentZ Series RGB 3200 Mhz 16GB (32 Total)
Storage – Samsung 960 Evo 1TB M.2 x2
OS – Microsoft Windows 10 Pro



TekkTurbo says:

Bereghost sorry to say this but you were famous in 2014, but ur kind of dead now :/

Amanda Zukowski says:

These are absolutely amazinggggg!!

dolores duarte says:

I was watching Asmr yesterday and then beres vids

Me: what would it sound like if the fun crew did Asmr and they actually did for like 30 sec but still loved it love u guys

Irish Pickle says:

Tyler you are my hero

Crystalferrow 145 says:

Do you want asmr, here


*Its free real estate*

PH EnzoMines says:

When trash thumbnails and trash videos combine

RandomPerson says:

Well I would really love to play with you guys, but since you guys play in private servers now, I can’t join you. 🙁

Nestor play's. says:

Keep up the good work and play more of this because i want to see all of you guys gringos allá the hamers

Trash Person says:

I don’t like simulators that much but hearing them talk is nice

Duck Production says:

0:15 Mom are you using the computer

Esperanza Garcia says:

Can you play secert neighbor pls

PIΩΠTICΔS z6ne says:

Robloxtober? NonstopRoblovember?

Minecraft Pro619 says:

Bere your the best i love u and keep up the aqesome work

Erian Bagunas says:

Who likes the video before they even watch it ?

josh July1997 says:

Can you do 2 uploads

Alexis Aguilera says:

When the video starts and it look like bere have a tv head

No Cool Dudes says:

Hey bere, are you gonna play fallout 76?

Charlie Easter says:

Is it ok if i play with you someday bere? If yes, here’s my username: cracer2005 (i also have the fan shirt on rn)

Ivla Nguyen says:


P.S After the video i went to roblox to play games and i saw you online playing bee simulator (New codes!!)!! XDDD OAO

Issa Tentacion says:

How this channel not at a million already

Slime Addict says:

you guys should play shouting simulator. either 1 or 2. it doesnt matter to me.

Dennis R. Stewart says:


blue genji says:

bereghost pls friend request me my name in Roblox is goldsans125 Pls friend request me pls

Anime Livestreams says:

Play Phantom Forces please!

Juan Antonio Flores says:

make a video of ASMR , next game you play pleaseee 🙂

Mr Panget Ugly says:

I think Brianna should make an ASMR Channel.

Jacob Vickers says:

do more stompingland!
i remembered that a long time ago

Irish Pickle says:

Xxlongshotxx you are my hero

Connor Austin says:

Who else got an add as soon as he touched the first hacker and thought it was apart of the game for a second? Lol

Rachel Armstrong says:


Neonic Khaos says:

Hello Bere G-Host did blockhead stop saying that or something its been years since I’ve watched you

Mario Vazquez says:

Play more fortnite and gta 5 plzzzzzz

Elijah Lewis says:

woo hoo

Emma Wolfhorn says:

you guys always leave a smile on my face, and thats pretty hard! Well done 🙂

AndrewF1202 channel! says:

Your late bearghost, this game went on “games” a long time ago! I have ban hammer. *i like turtles!*

Yeet Yeeted says:

I’ve been here since you’ve done Unturned watching you on my kindle.

Wild Flower says:

I like how bere gets 3000 an pixie only gets 900

Ryan Trevino says:

Omg I love this simulater thank you bereghostgames

blue genji says:


Nestor play's. says:

😀 😀

Aaron Aiuta says:

Also buy I like turtles hammer it’s Funny

JustAnotherBob says:

Thank You!

Chrissy Rocker says:

Pew Pew

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