This was sent to me by KA Games to try out. PC Building Simulator by The Irregular Corporation, where you can build your dream computer and repair systems for other people!

Build your very own PC empire, from simple diagnosis and repairs to bespoke, boutique creations that any gamer would drool over. With an ever-expanding marketplace full of real-world and realistically priced components you can finally stop dreaming of that ultimate PC and get out there, build it and see how it benchmarks! We have teamed up with a number of hardware manufacturers who will all have products in the game including: COOLER MASTER, CORSAIR, EVGA, FUTUREMARK, MSI, NZXT, RAIJINTEK, SilverStone and many more!

Steam Store – http://store.steampowered.com/app/621060/PC_Building_Simulator/


Walker’s pc games says:

i am going to buy it

Jedan od njih says:

nice game

Thomas proud Proud says:

Daggerwin omg you actually played it you are the best

Mister Stoo says:

Each to his own, but I’d much rather see more ETS2.

InternetReviewerGuy says:

Hopefully it will come to consoles

Dimitrije Mitic says:

Can somebody help me? I must build pc with less then 750$ everthing’s cool, i made pc, but i dont know how to install OS?? Sry for my eng, but i hope you understund me. I really dont know how to install OS…

Dire Wolf Farming says:

I am sorry but this is beyond silly not going to watch any of it you do great videos but this is just boring

Jesper Fuglsang Nielsen says:


Wille m says:

kind of my summer car but for pc building

Farmer Barnaby says:

Why is graystillplays’s video of this game exactly the same length?

Owen says:

I’m watching you fix a computer on a computer through a computer. How meta but thoroughly entertaining.

cyber rednec says:

Yep, looks like a game Daggerwin would play

AJ Garrett says:

Looks super fun!

Finn Chaplin says:

Hi Dagerwin I noticed they you have a land rover defender now on farming simulator is it on console

TaronRoblox says:


The Ignorant Philosopher says:

I don’t know why, because it seems really silly, but I want to play this. hope it’s not too expensive.

Sim UK says:

🙂 Fellow reviewer lol well done, let’s make games better for our YouTube viewers!

daniel sinclair says:

lol i like your videos bro but this game is trash please never play it again

GeorgeCodCraft says:

This game is amazing

Redbug 3 says:

Cool game!

JM Vader says:

Can you do a part 2?

Mudge says:

my only issue with the game … other than ripping it out of the wall which you commented on .. is you really should have removed you Virus scanner from the computer before job completion. People can download any number of free Virus Scans and yours ( as the company) is obviously a paid product and you just gave away the software. I don’t know if they were paying for that in the service but yeah ..
Its a really small thing but every little bit of realism in a simulator helps

Dan Weeks says:

Looks ok but that fan noise is annoying!!

Edgewater Place says:


gaz south says:

The sound of the computers is way too loud.

Aeron Evans says:

i am imresd in that game I am going to get it

Brutstorm says:

ingame notebook for your orders would be very good.

TheLordstrider says:

a virus Scan of 0:06 seconds??? isn’t it supposed to be a simulator ? as a pc technician u used to wait at least 3-4 hours ! nice video btw 🙂

Andy vo_2215320 says:

Does anyone know what time it would come out USA time zone?

adam christmas says:

thanks friend

adam christmas says:

ya i will be geting this game i love building PC’s in real life and in this game is awesome

dretoss511 AKA bush chook says:

This game is EPIC play more plz

simulating games and lots more says:

great video daggerwin well done

Raaance Lot says:

Nice game daggerwin. Yeah your right though seems to need something to break things up in the. Like a good or liquid bar. Bathroom breaks maybe? Haha

Colby I says:

I’m excited for this game. I plan on getting this and learning more about PCs hopefully.

Daniel Cresswell says:

I wonder if it has a job where you fix a computer by simply turning it off and on again.

Niall Connor says:

Please play gold rush

TVDeshaki says:

This is very meta

Olivia Lambert says:

Didnt think ill like this game but i love it

Blake Bailey says:

This is prob the best sim of 2018, preordered and ready to play!

Dr G says:

awful game, should not charge for this game.

Dan Mitchell says:

Nice simulator looks like a lot of fun. Maybe you could build up an inventory of parts as you have $1000 overdraft, that might save some waiting time for deliveries. Just a thought. Keep these coming though.

Nejc Vrhovec says:

Can you pls try subnotica

Sequoia Henderson says:

will there be a Easter special this year

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