Our PC SHOP’s First ANGRY CUSTOMER – PC Building Simulator Gameplay – Episode 3

Let’s play PC Building Simulator! Own and operate your own PC building and repair shop! Amazingly accurate simulation of a PC repair service and I should know, since I had a shop like this in real life for 7 years!
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About PC Building Simulator

Build your very own PC empire, from simple diagnosis and repairs to bespoke, boutique creations that any gamer would drool over. With an ever-expanding marketplace full of real-world and realistically priced components you can finally stop dreaming of that ultimate PC and get out there, build it and see how it benchmarks!

Outro art by Kazzr & Kong: https://goo.gl/Rx4NZa
Outro track is “There It Is” by Kevin Macleod (http://incompetech.com)


TF Skiptz says:

I really enjoy this series because i find it very interesting and entertaining to listen you, especially when you’re talking about your real life experiences with your own shop back in the day for example! Keep it up 🙂

Classical says:

more more more! Please lol
grate video

Semi-Gamer says:

48th !!!

1wolffan says:

It’s neat hearing someone who was actually in the business playing this game. It’s so cool to gain all that insight about the work and such.

GameTime Project says:

Paul, what was the weirdest thing you ever experienced when you ran your pc business? Tell us about it in the next episode! 😀

davrowuk says:

I had a Atari 400 too, though mine came with a whole 16K, happy days.

Rosh Fragger says:

You should make a Discord channel for all the soarvivors to hang out in and chat! 🙂

Hadar Caesar says:

Pauls, I know a cool game you can play. it’s a bit similar to Mechanic Miner. It’s called “Trailmakers”. Will you check it out?

Kookie Ackerman says:

Plz do more unturned like so paulsoarjr can see

robert wong says:

how to zoom

jeremy Ambrose says:

Pc building sim wow how far games have fallin.

Michael F. Hansen says:

The first “real” computer I dealt with, was my dads old Amiga 500 which we upgraded to a whopping 1MB memory. Later he bought a 80486 33 MHz IBM Aptiva with 4 MB ram and 270 MB HDD (Why can I even remember all these figures???).

Hadar Caesar says:

Yes yes yes!!! this is a great series! glad another episode came out 🙂

Black Greendragon says:

I hope Paulsoaresjr realises to keep working parts that he could use later so he doesn’t need to buy them.

Mbit99Gaming says:

Hi Paul, well good video, and good experience…

Send my greets to your fam :v

Knutt says:

This would not be interesting if not for all your stories about your old business. But I love hearing you say, “They never know what’s wrong,” etc. …

Multigamers says:

paul u installed the ram too close if there is only to sticks going in then space them

Emmalyn Winter says:

It’s so cool to see this being played by someone who knows what they’re doing irl.

Ashton Awesome1 says:

can you do more Eco?

Frog Myre says:

You know, I’m not sure if I’d enjoy this game if it was anyone other than – well, Paulsoaresjr playing it. I guess it’s because he used to actually do this job himself, which makes it really fun to listen to.

Scott Dunaway says:

@paul Do you remember bb’s(pre-internet) and 2400 baud modems? lol I lived in a small town and had no local access. So one summer I went to stay with my aunt rose in Toledo. While with her i took my trs-80 with tape drive for a spin. I accessed a bb or 2 and even tried the first AOL. But I was wrong about the phone number I used to access AOL. Turns out it wasn’t local for her and her phone bill was over $200 more than it should have been, for the long distance charge. She was quite upset with me and I felt absolutely terrible because of that. To this day I still feel horrible about that. But I remember getting really excited about connecting to bb’s and reading what other people had posted and even downloading a couple of simple games and other programs. I got a dialer program that allowed me to have my computer call a range of numbers and it remembered which were answered by computers. lol I spent like 4hrs once I was back home looking for private bulletin boards in my local area.

HisServant77 says:

How is it, videos like this make me want to open up a repair shop myself? I’m an IT Consultant, specializing in Information Security, but….Paul you make me want to throw all that to the ground and open a Repair shop Lol

Otaku no Podcast says:

Maybe that educational institution guy is a fan of “Happy Days” and was just trying to say “hey!” like The Fonz does?

Let's Player says:

PSJ I bought the game and it is amazing and I have been playing on my world for 7 hours in all

JustAName says:

I’ve been looking forward to this series.

Cordell Kelley says:

I love hearing you share your business sense and work experience (and experiences). Love this series!

Jacob Mahns says:

What happened to ark survival evolve scorched

Lucas Goodding says:

will you play ForTniTE?

Radan Valenta says:

Prob. somebody already mentioned it but I’m surprised that game ignores when installing RAM you should try to match them and most Mobo is using slots 2 + 4 ( most common) or 1 + 3 its rare to see Ram placed in slots 1 and 2 🙂

SILSKY says:

I love the education I am getting by watching you play this.

Thomas Gideon says:

Back when I had my own business and did the same thing you did, the saying behind the scenes was “The customer is always meshuggah.”

Tom Destry Jr. says:

This is such a fun series, especially with all the personal experience you bring into them. I hope you keep them going, I’m enjoying them as much as your Subnautica series.

Cordell Kelley says:

I die laughing every time he says he’ll sell it on the Black Market. LOL

MenelmacarGR says:

You actually had the used 2GB RAM from the PC you upgraded previously, so you could only buy another 2GB to finish the next job. If you’re that cheap, that is. 🙂

Zkall says:

hey unturned

Brandon Chivonosky says:

I remember those days,when only 1 GB RAM was considered amazing

Troy Vater says:

You should of took all the parts out of that docs computer to sell them or use them and gave him back a empty box.

Keone Knapp says:

Thank you Paul for making my day that much better. Most entertaining YouTuber who puts care and effort into his videos. You’re awesome.

DarkBrave_ says:

Wait you eject the flash drive WITHOUT SAFETY objecting it!

Elise Moody says:

Why doesn’t he have like 2,000,000 million likes right now…

Will Du Plessis says:

PAUL i pressed a link on my mac

Cory Halavan says:

Work for and receive emails from a lot of .edu people can confirm Heey is fine.

Jamie Clarke says:

Hey paul have you ever thought of reviving the old skyrim series

iiSanta says:

It 2am

AtlanticCraftFanBoy also a elitelupus fan says:

More subnatica please


are you planning on doing sea of thieves soon

Reed Lua says:

love this series and game!

Rosh Fragger says:

What’s the name of your shop Paul? 🙂
I wanna buy a PC made by youu!!

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