Orcish Inn Gameplay – Getting Started in Orcish Inn (Farming, Survival & Tavern Simulation Game)

Orcish Inn is a farming, survival and tavern simulation game in which you raise crops, brew beer and build a tavern for your orcish guests!

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More Info about Orcish Inn:

Orcish inn is a tavern simulation game in which you take the role of an innkeeper starting out in unsettled lands. You gather resources, farm all sorts of crops like hops and oat, brew your own beers, construct a tavern piece by piece and welcome various orcish clans to your very own place. The game interweaves aspects of management and simulation with those of survival and exploration.

Main Features

FARMING Plant and harvest various types of crops like hops, oat, sugar-beets, tomatoes and many more, which are then sold, eaten or used as beer flavor.
BREWING Brew your own types of beer and influence your guests by defining the beers’ taste, tint brightness, full body, bitterness, alcoholic strength and flavor.
PRODUCING Gather and process resources, like chopping trees for logs and process them into lumber planks and decorative planks spent in building and crafting.
CONSTRUCTING Construct buildings like brewing facilities, taverns or dorm rooms by putting down walls and floors and decorate the created rooms with crafted furniture.
SERVING Serve the visiting orcish clans by fulfilling their wishes, fine-tune prices or the beer’s taste or risk getting battered in a huge pub brawl.
AND MORE Raise and breed animals like pigeons, which swirl around and bring back useful items, or wrest valuable treasures from the ocean with your fishing rod.

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C Pruden says:

Please sir, may I have some more… of this series?

Anatu says:

Interesting game, I would love to see you do more of this. 🙂
At least till the tavern stuff is going on.

Dude says:

Yes, please do more videos on this game! If you do, please be nice to the developer and spend 5-10 minutes on a mail with feedback, they asked very nicely.

Markus Scheucher says:

Zueljin, you might want to take a look at Shop Keep

Natsirt666 says:

yep, this looks interesting.

Thunder 33345 says:

Look decent and kinda like a top down survival game, still need to show us about the inn part doe!

alon greenberg says:


David Fifield says:

more pls

BrieAnna Stauffer says:

I saw this video and downloaded the demo on steam. I made it as far as my inn building, complete with my personal room and my brewing room, but I got stuck at the pipes… I couldn’t brew anything so i gave up. Hoping to see how you do it, please give a more in depth explanation of the pipes when you get there! Thanks!

Benjamin Meriwether says:


GoldSand20 says:


Credigy says:

Love the music in this game. It sounds a lot like final fantasy.

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