ONE MAN ARMY | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay Part 4

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Thomas Kane says:

any of you play Poptropica?

wolfjedisamuel says:

You know the Club Soda…?
It was name in honor, of Club Man…
“Clubs” are named after Club Man because its a place to gather as a large group to get pounded by one person, a DJ.

Will Plume says:

The more you know.

Janelle Smith says:

Jack: “Cannons are the best!”
Wade: “Chariots and clubman!”

Chris says:


Moonbeam says:

Club Man for President!

Suzana hajdinovic says:

hwaicha (?) doing? (pun)

Ethan French says:

I can’t lie and I am a bit sad to say; I laughed when he said “great leadership”.

the Golden Spider-Duck says:

That’s the best bad-winner-trash-talk: wondering aloud how they were so bad that they lost to _you_ 😛

King Katie says:

R.I.P Clubman

Mulberryman says:

watching the shield, barbarian, and Viking play ring around the rosie was the funnies thing I’ve seen in a while

Agentarmy33 says:

The samurai are very effective against the vikings.

Laney Lynn says:

How many more vids of this game are you going to make? I personally love TABS, but I’m just curious as to how long this series is going to last :3

BlackbirdFrost Gaming says:

1:27 If you tilt your head to the left, the map looks like a cute chicken! XD

Forever Gameing says:

use Samurai

K.A. Life says:

Not that I know, but if I did know, then I’d know. Thanks wade, it’s always refreshing to know what knowledge you may or may not have

cangle 26 says:

wade the warrior

Mc Uber Boss says:

Level 16 can hold 50 clubmans!! 😀

Jamespunjawani foxy says:

Wade when ur u going to play with friends like good muderer

Xx NinjaMarkAli xX says:

Wade, If You Look At Sandbox Mode, You Can Use Chicken Man And Chicken Man Man! Also Muskets Are OP Against Shields


hi wade

lazylank says:

Wade, you gotta set your hwachas back further from the line of scrimage to do more damage.

Jamespunjawani foxy says:


Curtis Moran says:

should put your minesweeper games in there too… some of that was pretty uneventful

Alex P. says:

Hey, I noticed that when arrows get stuck in the shields, it makes the shields more powerful

Matt VanHaven says:

I think this episode has shown that Wade is not very well trained at killing vikings, so many poor soldiers thrown at those vikings just in weird tactic choices XD Least Wade’s getting practice for when he finally calls up his Minion army and assumes command as our true lord and conquers the WORLD!!!…….i mean….nothing will happen….*awkward laughing* O_O *runs away*

Prophet says:

We outnumber them three… to… seventy.

Slurpee Fox says:

Leave a like here for clubman

Falcon Lord says:

Line all muskets and see efect they will ruin enemy 😀 I tried

Sam Krahn says:

Why do you put artillery in the front?

TheBloodswordsman says:

I leave a like. For Clubman.

0Templegoddess says:

3:08 I just love the two guys in the background running round a rock xD

Snowblooddirewolf says:

All hail club man he was a secret weapon but r.i.p he died he sacrificed himself

The Aussie Bogan says:


Name Smitt says:

Don’t forget the Sandbox mode. There’s two new characters in there, too.

Charlon Dheme says:

I thought this game was For Honor

Sarah Smilesnicely says:

hwacha and musketmen are like 4 months old

Scarbrothers says:

lol wade brought chariots against spearmen classic military fail

Ean521 says:

In case you’re curious, the hwacha was invented in early 15th century Korea. They couldn’t create accurate missiles, so they decided instead to shoot as many as possible in as little time as possible so that they’d hit _something_ through pure numbers. The projectiles were usually large gunfire-propelled arrows.

altereddrake says:

Club man 2016!

Miguel Fernandez says:

Wade did you know on level 14 the chariot fall down on the map

Jake Painter says:

Awww! Where’s the cool formations??

Jan Rupert Alfeche says:

That “club man” clinched the victory! Best warrior on the field 😀

Hannah R says:

“hes gonna poke you in the butt”, Wade … does that mean you are Mark’s buttstabber? O.O

Abigail Lincoln says:

RIP Club Man 2016-2016

MrSanaa says:

R.I.P Club man

Abert17 says:

8:57 – 10:45 That Barbarian must’ve been Conan, or something, cuz, HOOO-LEEEEE SSHHEEEEEEET!

Neokorp Google says:

Put the siege units way back.

Metazoxan Dexall says:

Wow they improved the archers by alot. They actually hit stuff now.

Skylar Lagramada says:

Remember that clubman

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