NOOB DRIVES AMTRAK TRAIN INTO NEW YORK! – Train Sim World Gameplay – Train Simulator 2018

NOOB DRIVES AMTRAK TRAIN! – Train Sim World Gameplay – Train Simulator 2018

Today we Play Train Sim World Amtrak ACS -64 Expansion! We will be driving trains in this train simulator and dropping off passengers. Will Camodo Gaming crash the train?

Train Sim World:

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Nolan Draws says:

A proper train will never go across a road (excluding road crossings where the track came first and the road came across it), but a tram or Luas asmitnis called in ireland will go across a road

MrBnsftrain says:

11:33 I don’t know of many grade crossings on the Northeast corridor. Since the NEC is a high-speed route, they try to minimize grade crossings to prevent congestion and collisions!
20:33 on other routes, they put barriers on ares they don’t want the player to go!
21:37 first class is only offered on the Acela express (which is not in this game), but it has business class seating in place of coach class seating since the Acela express is a more expensive train!

TritanicWolf says:

Can you derail a train is this game?

Explorer of P.P.D says:

Yes It dose pass through town traffic.

Monkey Man says:

You should try fsx

Sylvester Obinyan says:

I think you should try Gta 5

Marco123HD A says:

I been in New Rochelle station

CoolBananaface1 says:

Please do a connecticut route so i am able to relate to this game…

Memiom says:

I see those trains and hear them every day (ACS 64)
Edit: Here’s the answer for the first question: Almost all crossing on the Northeast Corridor(NEC) have been taken out. The Amtrak ACS 64 Operates on the NEC.
Also I rode on the ACS 64 and the Acela express (America’s fastest train for right now) And the ACS 64 was pretty fun and nice, but the Acela Express dominates it by speed and service.

DLWoody25 Is awesome says:

I’ve been in New York for a whole 12 hours on June 2, 2018. It was AWESOME! I got to ride their subways, I saw most of the city, & I rode a tour bus for 6 1/2 hours there & 7 hours back

Camodo Gaming says:

I hope you guys enjoy this Train Sim World! What should we do next?

Oliver Bjørk says:

where did Mist survival go? BTW good vid

Juradah Basiron says:

Like for camodo play forza horizon 4

Ughughguhghhghgghgug says:

if that train crashes, *it commits Amtrak 611 or 288 Crash*

Venomous prime7002 says:

And Amtrak is never on time so your good camodo

da vehicle master says:

Can you make an nyc subway video?

Venomous prime7002 says:

And for the road question yes just not on the electrified routes like what your on

ArtfulDodger says:

The ACS-64 stands for Amtrak City Sprinter. The train operates on SEPTA and Amtrak. The route is disappointing to some train fans due to it only going to new Rochelle, which actually isn’t a terminating point in the real route. The route is supposed to go all the way to boston. These trains have an in cab signaling system, which shows the signal aspect and speed limit(follow signal speed if displayed). The Amtrak Acela express runs on this route in real life, and will hopefully be a paid DLC in this route. The Acela is reminiscent to a bullet train and can hit higher speeds. Try the DLC on regular train simulator for all the routes, and trains. These trains run on only pantograph power, signaled by the overhead wires. The DLC is pretty good, I enjoyed it myself. Can you do more LIRR routes? you did pretty well.(You can also lock doors if you overrun)

pilotdreamlinerJ says:

I’m liking the farm sim could you do some more. Please

Flynn Rutherford Gaming & More says:

13:00 The bridge in the background looks like the one in Sydney

fennisia wibisono says:

I wish train sim world would have a unstoppable mode it would be awesome. In the unstoppable mode the player will literally do the unstoppable movie.

Nathan Zamir says:

My dad uncle and cousin work there and there is a lot of safety regulations like how when my dad works on the train he needs to raise his hand to eknowledge he sees the train

Shane wright says:

I loved this game and you are the best

David Gray says:

Oh man even watching a train be driven put me to

Markos Papadopoulos says:

Amatracks do pass over roads

Luca Tarrant says:

12:57 is that Sydney harbour bridge in the USA?

Malik Smith says:

I live were those buildings were you asked were am i

Niz says:

How you open and close the doors?

josh ponce says:

train to busan

Venomous prime7002 says:

Twice is forward and three is backwards

Gonzalo Vicente says:

Can you try the class08 locomotive (DLC) and make a Runaway train going full speed plz?

Ali Ceylan says:

4 hours late

Aidan Mulcahy says:

yes they do

David Carrillo larsen says:

Yes Amtrak crosses roads just like csx does Amtrak has long distance trains to

Alexander Hughes says:

More trains

Ethan Whisman says:

There is an accident with a semi truck in a Amtrak high-speed train comodo on a railroad crossing there’s quite a few of them

darren purvis says:

Camodo do a boat fight in stormworks please

Cecilia Miguel says:

Play some more of this

Ammu Kavitha says:

Camodo what is your discord

Eliara Senopati says:

STOP sating noob

huli hi says:

It does encounter roads every now and then, when it does it has 2 long ‘toots’ of the horn and as it is crossing 2 small ‘toots’

Ptolemy says:

I think the Great Western Express DLC would give you a feel for London + surrounding areas

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