NEW TABS Medieval Faction, Castles & KNIGHTS! (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay)

TABS New Castles and Knights! (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Sandbox) TABS New Medieval Faction Preview
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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a wacky physics-based tactics game. Experience accurate warfare through the ages. From medieval peasants to modern-day weaponry, TABS uses state of the art physics-based simulation to provide you with never-before-seen insight to our greatest battles of history.

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Julie Henderson says:

Hey I have a battle for you
Do the battle of hacksaw ridge
Blue side:
Do 5 m16 as special forces
do 2 barrel rollers as grenade guys throwing grenades
100 peasants as marines
1 bear man as the general
20 farmers as chargers
Laser deflected thing as Desmond doss
Red side:
5 barrel rollers as sucide people
25 head butters as charging japs
25 vikings as ambushers
50 peasants as some more japs
2 Canons as morders
1 Samurai master as skilled jap
Please like this suggestion
So he can see it

plant learder says:

I saw an indian with feathers on his head

NJ Lewy says:

Like this for The Lord of The Rings

Dimitrios Paschalidis says:

The battle of verdun ww1! The blue team aka the french army. 40 musketers. Rifle men. 4 laser pistols. Comanders. 4 balistas. Artillery. 2 chariots. Cavalry. 6 M16. Machine guns. 4 catapults. Light tanks. And 8 samurais. Bayonet chargers. The red team aka the german army. 40 musketers. Rifle men. 6 laser pistols. Comanders. 12 M16. Machine guns. 5 barrel rollers. Flamethrowers. 3 chariots. Cavalry. 1samurai. Bayonet charger. One cannon. ww1 cannon.

Zane Burk says:


Choochoo Moo says:

I made a suggestion for the battle… :/ everyone ignored it

Yandere_ Kun says:

Crusaders? Where’s Jesus? ADD JESUS

Curtis Hackett says:

The medieval guitar is a Mandola

BaronVonGames says:

Dilly Dilly! How’s your weekend been Brigade? I’m on a family trip with family…but when I’m back I’m streaming back on Facebook (link in description) on February 7th. Kingdom Come Deliverance is right around the corner…what games are you excited for in February? And more TABS custom battle suggestions please!

Carmela Marinas says:

Battle me baron 20 Beamer 18 energy sword master 26 cannon

Thomas Park says:

the two feather guy looks like an american indian

Pandapoope r says:

Do 15 energy sword masters and 5 chicken man mans as my army then you have to try to beat my army. Money limit:1,500 no super units

MLG Catinator Mugabi says:

Sorry I made a mistake in my writing 😉

Frank Swift says:

But the clones should be blue they have blue lasers so they should be blues not red and it would represent the 501st

Chocolate Bleach says:


The battle of kingdoms:

Red team (Medieval) defending the castle and they will have
30 footman (for the main force)
5 archers (to be archers)
10 thieves (thieves in the kingdom)

Blue team (Samurai) attacking the castle and they will have
1 Samurai master (for the commander)
25 Samurai (Main force)
10 ninjas (for back up)

I hope you enjoy my suggestion and please play on the Japan map.

djfoxy05 says:

when i try to download but it does not work

Pickles in the making Gaming says:

plz have moded units on consoles

Jason Robinson says:

AAT is armored assault tank

Frank Swift says:


UmbelievibleBeeYT says:

Im so hype for no reason on this update.

Tyler Uidel says:

this update anticipated for soooooooooooooo lonnnnnngggg can anyone tell me when they are going to relese it?

Andrew Coe says:

Could you do Hoth?
20 Energy Pistols (Rebel Troopers)
5 M16s (Rebel Troopers)
3 Cannons (Rebel Cannons)
3 Chariots (SnowSpeeders)
15 Energy Pistols (Imperial Troops)
1 Dark Peasant (Darth Vader)
1 Chicken Man-Man

Preston Flewissner says:

the instrument is called a lute btw

anroid anicver says:

Hyped for Mount & Blade Bannerlord! (Even when it can take a while still till release :P)
Who with me?

Kidasaurus Rex says:

Tis a lute he was playing.

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