New STRATEGY SIMULATION Game 2018 – INITIATIVE: RED DAWN Gameplay – NextGen Kerbal Space Program?

Aug 2017 Plan your strategy, manage your Aerospace Company on Earth, establish off-planet bases and make human life interplanetary by colonizing Mars.

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Dallen9 says:

….. Quit it We don’t watch your videos to watch trailers and gameplay demos…. we watch your videos for your commentary on the game play your experiencing… So quit it. if you’re not going to talk about it don’t bother uploading it.

Mr MACC says:

Huh? What did I miss this looks really confusing…..

Tubbsy4 says:

This game does look pretty amazing, the aspect of being a aerospace company owner of sorts with the management side of things aswell will be right up Skye’s alley. I would definitely watch this series if it were to become one or even if it was just a one off for alpha testing or something.
Keep up the good work Skye.

hydron powers says:

I don’t even see a KSP playlist on your channel, so you’re going play it or you’re doing this one instead?

Paul Birchenough says:

So it’s KSP with 25% of the features, and none of the charisma?

Epic Gaming765 says:


RMJ1984 says:

Interesting interesting 🙂

Blindarchangel82 says:

Oh damn! It’s like a more realistic Kernel game, with a colony building layer. Now that sounds very cool!

Cityman1233 says:

Looks awesome

cypis9 says:

Generic comment filler

Edohiguma says:

Please give Skye a copy and have him do the presentation, because this woman’s voice is assaulting my ear drums.

Mr Cog Engine says:

The trailer shows that it will take 3 minutes and 36 second to research one of the beginning technologies and that assembling the rocket will take 2 days 5 hours and 20 minutes and it is an online game with a small single player campaign (just like Clash of Clans) so basically this is clash of clans with rockets? Not that it is a bad thing but i feel like it wasn’t explained in the trailer.

dunealex73 says:

This doesn’t really deserve to be compared to KSP yet.

ItsMeJoe says:

NextGen Ksp my ass. This game has nothing on the creativity and uniqueness of KSP. From the looks of this trailer you wont even be able to control your vehicles fully. And the part where it showed the player building the rocket looked so simple and boring, No creative freedom whatsoever. And from the sound of it this game will be always online which is a bad choice if you ask me and it possibly means there will be some p2w element in the game. No thanks.

Person Oisels says:

This could be interesting.I have some concerns about depth, but this could definitely be interesting if they get it right.

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