NEW MODEL UPDATE & POLICE CHASE! – Flashing Lights Early Access Gameplay – Police Simulator

NEW MODEL UPDATE & POLICE CHASE! – Flashing Lights Early Access Gameplay – Police Simulator

Welcome to Camodo Gaming’s First Look at Flashing Lights. This is a Police, Firefighter and EMS simulator game.

About Flashing Lights:
Flashing Lights is a single player and multiplayer emergency services simulator focusing on police, emergency medical services and the fire department

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PD-Gaming says:

in nypd that’s high rank

Daniel Hernandez says:

Is any here when he used to play scrap mechanic

Dathan Hartman says:

Have you quit Cities: Skylines? I want to see more. Like if you agree.

Anna Pegram says:


Camodo Gaming says:

I hope you guys enjoy this episode of Flashing Lights! What should we do next?
Did you see today’s Baldis Basics Deathrun?

Athena Mattson says:

NYPD there white uniforms mean high rank like cheif or lieutenant

Tornado Mattie says:

If u add 1 more like to the video likes = 666

Amy Seabolt says:

Amazing video. Camodo you are awesome. Have a good day. I have a question. What do you play this game on?

X man Smith says:


Ruth Edwards says:

play police inforcement

Isaiah Thezalus says:

Multiplayer please

Hargun Singh says:

you should try to collab more with Neil and gray.
Pls do a brick rigs senario video

mason mcgrew says:

The only reason I subscribed

Death Blade 8 says:

I subscribed

Scott Shadows says:

Could you do a mid air collision in brick rigs

Travis Haines says:

Commodo 3 better than one and u should play more with spy and OB

Russell Wu says:

As Camodo said”a quick short update video that is 20 minutes Long!”

Corie Brewer says:


Noah Clynick says:

Play this more with Spycakes and Beautiful O.B.!
More videos please!

Jean Mike Colas says:

i hope they make custom calls and the points could be used to become higher rank like swat and take calls where people shoot at u and u have to rescue the hostage.That would be nice

Travis Barnett says:

Can u do multyplayer again

Quicktrigger Gaming says:

Plz do more of that bro game

FirstName LastName says:




Lewis Grace says:

Do more police vr my favourite videos

Jaylen Thomas says:

I love dis game is it on steam?

Seth Gerry says:

The blinding flashing lights that is this game

GamerStudios // Where EXTRAS are needed says:

White Tops are Lieutenant+. The more strips above the badge, the higher the rank. Lieutenant+ have stars that can help locate the different ranks. Sergeants- have black uniform. The sergeant uniform has a Sergeant rank symbol on the should usually at the top(Which looks like the military Private symbol).

Low ranks have black uniforms, which are Probationary Officer and Police officer. Probationary Officers are always with a Field Training Officer. Refer to this:

maritza borras says:

Normal Bob

Daniel Reese says:


Dr. Phil 2.0 says:

Awesome video

Noah Clynick says:


Yeah, whatever. Im not kidding here, I have about 12,000 rep points for police. LOL XD 🙂

Ruth Edwards says:

play police inforcement

Luke Velez says:

The white uniforms are normally used in most depts. as HRs (high ranking) and sometimes MRs (middle rankings)

TruePug 4Life says:

Can you please play more

Epic Gamer says:

You are outstanding and awesome and fantastic and APRO keep it up

shawn dolina says:

Do multiplayer brick rigs bunker survival

Michelle Miller says:

Play F1 2018

Treah Hubof-Losinski says:


Dr. Phil 2.0 says:

And no men can frisk females it’s the frisk where you have to take off there clothes or touch there boobs that you have to call a female cop

Lightsaber09 says:

Hey camodo, would you be interested In trying out a game im working on? Its not nearly finished yet, but when I get further in to development would you like to try it out?

ET Gaming says:

I want mul tipl aye r

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