NEW LIFE – Gameplay Trailer – New Open World Simulation RPG 2018

New Life is an Open World RPG, Where you start as a simple citizen who just has arrived to the city and tries to start a new life.

Release: TBA / Windows Pc

Game Website:


Gabriel M Dagá says:

Meh. Like Identity but lame.

Jagdpanzer 1944 says:

Good graphics

Denside Studios says:

Play now for free, the first Demo of the game. Link:

bubba bo says:

dont get me wrong its a good concept mate but no-one is going to help fund this too many developers screwing people over, those graphics though very tasty you need to bring more to the table and prove your commitment

Amir Bahrami says:

can u rape or eat the cats in this reallistic game?
get ready for the sex mods though…

ShadowsFate says:

HOLY SHIT – SLOW THE FUCK DOWN When you speak! Or hire me or someone to voice the narration…

LongTimeGamer says:

isn`t this what Identity is doing? how does this game differ from that one?

Jordan Myette says:

What song was that

Broken wizzard says:

So… What is this game even about? The devs needs to understand that a big part of game design is in fact marketing. If no one can even understand what the game is about, no one will buy it.

Pradatoru says:

So decorating game ? Sounds awful

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