New Gameplay from Pillow Castle’s First Person Puzzler Tech Demo: Museum of Simulation Technology

Remember last year’s tech demo for Pillow Castle’s first person puzzler? Here’s some gameplay of the project that tech demo evolved into: Museum of Simulation Technology, now touting a completely refreshed art style.

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#2 Fan says:

my mind is blown this may be better than portal

Terasa Odi says:


stealthy doughnut says:

There is a very cool little game called perspective that sorta uses a similar concept that has been out for a while.

PancakePlayz says:

Is there a download link for this game anywhere other than in the description of Markiplier’s video of it?

Kosmat Vulpes says:

This is heavy!

Boomer Roberts says:

Wow, this has come a *long* way from that 2014 video. Super stoked about this, whenever it actually releases!

Meu Nome Não Te Importa #ConTV says:


LeftTenantSith JediPirateNinja says:

wwwwwttttffffffffffff sheeee

offchristianamr says:

I have been obsessed with this game for the last 2 years. I can’t wait. The new, updated graphics are so fresh.

kacperski1 says:

It’s like The Stanley Parable and Antichamber had a baby and Perspective delivered it.

Brainstormer623 says:

This game made me trip all 56,786,432 flavors of balls.

Neverland Nights says:

Those popping noises make me cringe but they’re so satisfying.


so whats up with this?!?!

Random Name says:

does any one know where i can find the soundtrack?

Serponge Geometry Dash says:

thats so cool wtf

He BlockyGamerBR says:

WOW, this game is crazy!

Adam Matthew says:

I throw money at the screen but nothing happens!

VahnEriksson says:

What’s the song’s name?

hehasnoregrets says:

U guys should change that mouse thingy like it changes into a hand if u were to click an actual clickable object because otherwise this game would be utter crude in its state and the contents are too bland maybe try improving those too im just really glad this game wasnt released yet and still developing kudos to you m8s

The Geebs says:

Imagine doing this while high

NyTR0S GaM1NG says:

this is sort of like F-Stop (valve’s unreleased portal 2 idea)

Joon Ong says:

The new and refine one definitely take some influence from Stanley Parable. Oh I love that game too.

Wonder how is this game going? It has been a year since this video uploaded.

ExperienceLOS7713 says:

Surely OP will deliver…

Sam Rideck says:

Oh look, Antichamber mechanics with a different art style. I’d buy it.

SpitFire301 says:

my name is Jizzy Nichols. WHATTTTDDDDDDUPPPPP

Antoine Savoie says:

Hi reddit

deep5blue5sky Knuttunk says:

I can’t wait for the release! I love the idea & all the artworks and music/sounds.
I don’t see why some people are complaining about the sounds because I think the atmosphere is great. A good puzzle game doesn’t have to be always gloomy and depressing!
Please keep it the way it is.

Inhake says:

Watching this game always fills me with glee, can’t wait to play it!

rdococ says:

If you ask me, the lighting effects kinda ruin the illusion.

toro says:

is this still being worked on? this is absolutely amazing and easily the most unique thing i’ve seen in ages

PhantomArtist says:

wouldnt this make an amazing vr game?

Manabender says:


FrMZ says:

2:17 Reminds me of Thief The Dark Project.

Slick says:

When is this going to come out?

100Darkspine says:

6:55 Oh, welcome to Portal

James Roberts says:

This build is absolutely gorgeous.Wish I had access to it.

DJ Fox says:

My mind was about dead at 5:34 on

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