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Hey, thanks for reading the description for more info on the community. Since you read this far, comment the word ‘Raptastic!’ and I will 💖 your comments! Thanks!


James cheffins says:

Omg I love this game

Nathaniel Silverwolf Nickel The Red Husky says:

Hi Raptor ! By lucky yesterday I beginnig watching your live on Project Hodpital but i’m surrender to sleep before the end of the live and I want knowing if you made a “replay” of this live for your viewers was can’t watching the live ?

pixypolly says:

OMG I’m so dying to play this. This game is so freaking sexy!

Mlg Gaming says:

“Looks like our first victim err.. Patient” lolll

auto27user says:

Hospital simulation seems to be the trend this year, too bad America can not broke these games

Joshua Hall says:

Keep adding on to this Hospital

Scott Wilhelms says:

Watch the lab you can see the patient image as the tech runs the various tests.

Cody Arndt says:

What are the PC system requirements for this game?

Weatherman001 says:

If u look at the screen a certain way it looks upside down

Anas khalid says:

do part 2

Da'Vione Johnson says:

This game looks amazing!!!! Definitely exited for the full release!

Andy Preston says:

New doctor simulator?

Dianna Ray says:

Wood cutting please

Missy Womack says:

Raptor love the video

blue dragon says:

Hi raptor nice one man

Rohit Talele says:

Please play more of these game

Ryan Patch says:

More videos of this game please, I cannot wait for the release and there is not much content out there besides basic initial game trailers.


”our first victim…” lmao you just earn a like and a new subscriber XDDDD

ZeroHeros8 says:

I do actually have Chronz Disease.

Anglo Saxon says:

Nice one Raptor! Can’t wait for this to come out [as with 2 Point Hospital next week].Can you put patient chairs in exam rooms to stop them standing? lol

Qinglong Diep says:

Love the game, i want to see more!

Glenn Yep says:

Very cool look like fun game to play!!!!

Brodie Francis says:

Hey Raptor. Love your videos mate. Please keep going with this series and Wargame. That’s how I found you!! Wish I had a PC that could handle games 😛

myhybrid09 says:

Great video. Im so looking forward for this game! Hoping to be able to build multiple level hospitals with elevators at some point

The Seven Deadly Sins And Ratatoskr-Smite says:

Yep, more of this!

vrasidas default says:


Tr0mp says:

Does anyone have a memory?
Theme Hospital was a great game with funny disseases which needed cure from funny medicine and treatments (the broken heart was one of my favorites).
This looks like a copy of that game…

TheStreamer says:

Seems like fun

Tim 74 says:

You need to put some trash bins

Jumper Plug says:

Raptor can you do more gold rush or do they not update the game?

Foxy The Fox says:

Raptor I love you hospital foundation and your hospital / clinic I don’t know what you call that
I don’t even think I can make my own hospital foundation just like you

Raptor says:

HEY ALL! Thanks for watching! Should I continue on expanding this clinic into a big hospital or start from a bigger hospital and complete designing that? What are some of your ideas?

사마륨 says:

How can i get the beta? Need preorder?

Denise Cathey says:

Raptastic game play

John Chapman says:

Under Obamacare all hospitals will be simulated by 2020.

alex bromberek says:

i wish i was able to play it now the day it comes out if my birthday

alex bromberek says:

22:02 raptor i would put a night janitor in if you did not already to clean the floor

Tal A. says:

the game looks awesome!!

TVBalkan says:

There has to be a janitor named Jan Itor. There has to be!

Golden Gamer says:

Do more episode

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