NBA 2K16 | Versuz Simulation Slider Set 1.0 – For Simulation-style Gameplay


XxBringBackThePastxX says:

Dislike these, versuz u still my man but these sliders are pretty bad and everything moves so fast, the players clipping is at an all-time, also brain dead teammates thrive.

BeeCeeHQ says:

You didnt put them in description

king Dione says:

Sliders are good if you’re looking for a fair game. The problem is they aren’t very realistic and the numbers are hardly ever realistic at the end of games. Decent set tho

RayAP17 says:

This is good stuff. I need some of that knowledge you got. Hit me up with a private message or whatever, if you don’t mind chatting about sliders and stuff. Trying to learn as much as possible

NBA2K & PES Gamer says:

These sliders need anny adjustment because the patch on the game? or work perfectelly?

Michael Jung says:

Hey bro what are your controller settings at, defensive assist, box out and contest shot to be specific.

VersuzTelevision says:

>> ♠ Like this video “for keeping me up past 1 a.m.”. ♠ <<

DarkMatter says:

Is there a way I can use my sliders when I simulate the game?

Ra'mez The Greatest says:

how does this help you playing against a friend online he had me moving slow as hell

TheReal_Tupac Shakur says:

LOVE THE SLIDERS IM Not Feeling Cheated

bird birdbirdman says:

i wish 2k will let u manipulate the sliders in my career. i feel cheated out un the game. when put on hall of fame the computer makes everything when u lower the difficulties the game is no fun bcause u win by 40 the most.

martin dominguez says:

It’s like the AI already knows where ur going and when u try to explode and accelerate you can’t and you get into this weird bumping animation that almost looks like a foul by the defender… Id say that’s my only gripe with this years 2k, yes take away the zig zagging but d lillard and guys that can break off anyone should get clean drives to the basket, even guys like Rudy Gay etc..I play on sim I touch nothing but the cpu sliders I put there on ball defense to 35 cuz it’s just ridiculous and lower there rebounding cuz it’s a joke other than that I’m trying to find a good balance to where when u have a open lane u can get by ur defender not get stuck in a weird bump animation

Elijah Purcell says:

can you use these in mycareer

Dreamagain11 says:

Are you planning on making any changes after all the patches that have come? Patch 3 changed a lot

nathan jones says:

what are your coaching settings like?

Isaac Williams says:

yo i dont like the fatigue players get tired to quick everything else is legit!

Nick DeShay says:

hey bro i got a question. im trying to fix the problem i have where my defenders are 1.constantly losing their man in transition into half court set offense. 2. just flat out leaving players open when the cpu ball handler drives to basket, rotating all wrong leaving 3 pt shooters open. when i try to guard off ball to stop ppl from being open my cpu cant stop penetration, when i guard the ball my defenders lose their man or play too much help D and leave men wide open and no one rotates..???

Matt Skizzy says:

i lowered the play passing lane after a few games everything else looks good so far.

Do CraCk says:

is this on Xbox 1 two ?;

SuperTech123451 says:

what is the game speed on?

Brock Caldwell says:

when you coming with 2.0 bro?

Christopher Beasley says:

I only play cpu vs cpu, so how would that change the sliders?

SimFBallCritic says:

Good stuff V. I’m actually a fan of turning certain things to 100. I’ve always felt like that makes players play to their best potential. Like you said success stuff is different but definitely agree with maxing skills and tendencies out. You should still player differential because of ratings.

martin dominguez says:

Dude it looks not fun at all! The defense cpu already predicts where ur going! In this game you can’t break anyone off anymore and get a clean drive to the basket. In the real nba a center can’t stay with a guard and this year they can cuz they trying to hard to make it sim, your sliders seem to make it dam near impossible to even move bruh lol

Curtis Daniels says:

Lets go about to test these out

TheReal_Tupac Shakur says:


robdilla075 says:

what about the controller settings and did you start on simulation or casual

putteminthegame says:


Darius Lee says:

These aren’t bad. The only thing i Changed was the gamespeed. I put it down to 45 (might go to 40). But other than that i really like them

Bronze Malone says:

How will the stats look at the end of the game.. I hate when I or the computer shoots of 60%

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