My New NBA 2K15 – Realistic & True Simulation Gameplay Slider Set

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TheReal_Tupac Shakur says:

Hey Hollywood I found A Great Way to get more fuild Style gameplay Go under coach profile and Put Run plays to 0 IT Works man I tested it Every team plays different Every time Check it out

Robert Sanchez says:

Looks like a good slider set man I’m looking forward to trying it out. I think 2k is broken to a certain level but these sliders definitely look like they could make the game more fun for me!

Flamesquad1017 says:

Another great video

TheReal_Tupac Shakur says:

Can you use this on 12 min and get realistic Game stats


+HOLLYWOOD SPORTS Hi Hollywood, can i play this silders in Exhibition Game?


Mervmeister says: tried these sliders on full 12min quarters. The result was epic. One of closet games I have had (usually play on superstar/sim).
Bu these were spot on. Check the ending to that game btw, epic!!

Will Charnley says:

Not sure about these – Nikola Pekovic just tried to take it coast to coast two straight times with the ball handling on 100%. Pretty sure he has never done that in his career

jim chavez says:

thanks Hollywood sports for the help

TheReal_Tupac Shakur says:

I was going to test them on play now

TheReal_Tupac Shakur says:

Do you think these sliders will work on 2k14

keith9842 says:

Good video I never play on hall of fame simulation i play on Hall of fame default with a great Slider set anything below that is to eazy for me.  This will work for somebody just starting to play the game playing on Hall of fame default is realistic and you do not get cheated. But i need to make a video of my sliders i like a tough challenge and hard fought games that works for me but i will do a video on my sliders great video Hollywood.

Ibn Manns says:

ah man i wanted it for myteam

Dwayne Parker says:

The sliders is cool, but I never miss on any shots in the paint or any place close to the paint. The same goes for the cpu. No matter what you do (hard foul, etc) the ball goes in every time. Plus none of the cpu teams shoot 3’s. All they do is drive to basket. They can have a man wide open on the wing and the player will just pump a few times then pass to someone else. So I lowered some of the sliders on both sides now I’m getting a better balance.

B Rudy says:

Sliders IMO are to easy I played with them on PRO and literally don’t miss the TIMBERWOLES

Ruben Williams says:

I agree, you go too high in the difficulty and the game just starts cheating, as opposed to being more difficult.

JunnYahh says:

Trying it today later just set them, I have a recommendations for sound if you want it to sound like a game!

Ralph Love says:

Hollywood sports love the sliders
Makeit feel more real

Yung ATM says:

Simulation sliders are more realistci than default, all that play on default score high all the time… Default sucks!!!

John Hutchins says:

I’ll give it a try tomorrow. Getting sick of team-mates not getting the rebounds.

Tito Babyyy says:

Great sliders! I’m using them on nba2k14 for ps3 but icant make 3’s and I’m no spammer but my guys shot is 88 from 3

dequince38 says:

which rosters do you use for these sliders?

Treyy Dayy25 says:

Listening to the homie Big K.R.I.T
much love to you brotha

Lorenzo James says:

These sliders are great. Thanks man.

Mike Campbell-Whooper says:

I have the PS3 version. I’m going to try it out, hope it works.

Darryl Webb says:

do you blow out teams sometimes ? I played with the Sixers and I just murder the pacers112-91

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