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Welcome to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator! Totally Accurate Battle Simulator isn’t really a Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, but more of a wacky battle simulation game featuring fun weapons and strange physics!
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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay Overview:

A physics based medieval battle simulator which lets you pit wacky waving armies against each other. You take the role of a Battle Commander as you place armies on the battle field. Watch as your minions destroy, or are destroyed by the red enemies!

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Brent Cooke says:

50 footmen vs 75 pesents

Jacob Whitworth says:

sheild was shot dy bullet

Funtime withered Freddy says:

Cannon vs pitchfork

TravmasterPlayz says:

5:46 last dead blue saluted as he died

Ochiai Akio Akio says:


Shantell Bucio says:

220 Wiggins vs 1 dave

TyrannosaurusAx says:

Actully muskets use musket balls, not bullets

Stephanie Levinski says:

do the lolalyst vs. patriots

Dale Burns says:

Try 45 boxers vs 50 peasants
At the desert map

S W G says:


Shadow Clone Studio says:

10 theafs vs 20 zombies

3for3 says:

Blitz, I love ur commentary rock on with it!

IceEagleTV says:

do 1000 muskets vs 1000 muskets

Amanda Burke says:

do 100 achers vs 100 muskets

Christy Scott says:


Rith Apeal says:

Do 5 cannons and 2 ballistas vs 80muskets and 3poachers

Jay mike says:

Can you do the Boston massacre with some Muscat man and Clubbin

Todd Williams says:

Blue chicken man and 10 cannons

Joel Smith says:

World War 2

Ceeper Assassins says:

100 guner vs 230guner

Jelly Junior says:

The battle of trump
2trumps vs 90 peasants as Hillary voters

John Harris Momo says:


Torrey Polster says:

50 dark peasets vs10 chicken mans mans

Sarah Moody says:

A Cicin man 3lines of archers vs 57 mucsits

Samuel Isaiah Rox says:

Civil war reenactment

Jaylin Chaplin says:

musketeer vs archers

Caydon Scheib says:

50 muskets 30 chicen men]

Cadence Payton says:

Boxere vs Boxere

NOOB in Minecraft says:

pls make like gladiator arena tournament

ethan labonville says:

1 viking vs 1shield

Michelle Klein says:

Do the civel war

Vault Boy says:

if only they kept the backgrounds and added the chicken man and the chicken man man

Dana Zigmund says:

110 muskets vs 100 viking .

Janneke Koenen says:

play tabs

Christy Scott says:

I love your

Jcat ryan says:

20 poachers vs 5 muskateers

Jonny Gonzales says:

do 1000 peasants and do 6 hwacha

Beck Carter says:

50 muskets vs 10 chariots

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