MR PREPPER – Official GamePlay Reveal – New Simulation Survival Building Game 2018

Mr. Prepper is about to be preppered. You know something is wrong, the risk of a nuclear war is in the air and you need to be prepared for what’s comming. They promised freedom but dealing with your paranoid government is just another day in this survival crafting game;

– Build an underground shelter
– Craft machines that can keep you alive; farms, greenhouses, tools, vehicles etc.
– Trade with neighbors, give them what they need, get what is useful to you
– Make a plan, you need to get out of this country
– Beaware of the secret police, they don’t want you to be prepared, they want you to stay in their control

Release: Q4 2018

Game Info:


Klaidyska says:

Seems very cool

Max Schmieder says:

Ok but why is there a rocket

Si Thu Myo says:

Ever played this war of mine ?

Jinx says:

Ahh balls!
I was thinking of creating something similar to this. The player would build their bunker within a certain amount of time until the apocalypse happens such as Nuclear war or an asteroid, Zombie outbreak, plague; predetermined by the player on starting the game or randomly chosen when the time comes. They then had to live for as long as they could with what they built. Clean water, Food, Bedding, Health and so on would all need to be catered for while also keeping an eye out for survivors who may be looking for supplies in the players home. Guess I can still work on my project!

Strateji Uzmanı says:

Güzel bir oyun bizi bekleyecek sanırsam. Benim kötü bilgisayarım için hoş olabilir. Üstelik P2W oyunlardan bıkmış biri olarak Fallout Shelter’a rakip bir oyunun gelmesi hoş. Sürekli para yatırmam gerek bir oyun yerine başlangıçta 60 TL basar babalar gibi oynarım. Ancak umarım PC’ye gelir. Mobile bu grafiklerle çıkması pek hoş olmaz. Evet bu sene Beholder 2’den sonra alacağıma emin olduğum bir oyun. Umarım tatmin edici bir deneyim olur.

Hskil k says:

Nice game

alexi Iviv says:

Ou cool real rocket (on Moon or Mars) in home. How the sims 4, cool gameplay if rocket for fly on Moon or Mars.
Collected resources, flew to Mars there collected resources, flew to the Moon, there gathered resources flew to the ground, sold resources. that would be super.

Jimmy Jones says:

Ehhhh lame. That’s how you advertise your game? That’s supposed to make me willing to sacrifice harddrive space? Color me unimpressed. The elite are getting lazy with keeping us occupied. Wont be long until we’re all meditating & raising our consciousnesses to creator status. The opposite of video game’s intention. Jacob Rothschild your mammals are becoming increasingly more independent and aware. Time for a fake alien invasion to unite us into a one world government? Control your mammals Jacob, what would Nathan say?

pixiniarts says:

You should have called it Dr. Prepper…!!!

DeViT ArrowBlast says:

Looks like more advanced Fallout Shelter with single character

Alejandro Cal. says:

It looks interesting but I think that random events about stuff taking place all over the country would be a great addition and it could help making the game way more realistic (something like purges, riots, etc…)

TheOneTheOnly W says:

I can “Dig” it!

See what I did there.

S.Albena says:


zakeii says:

omg this game is amazing

Eldridge Felder says:

It’s illegal to dig blow your property below a certain distance without notifying the state first. Don’t try this at home. 😀

Xtof says:

Is this for mobile

Alexander Milosevic says:

Cool mobile game

_ Fasopy says:

View like in TWOM… I WANT IT.

The Sattelite says:

I thought it was Mr peeper xd

Trevor Beck says:

when will this likely to be out

Flyingscorpions says:

What would be great about this game is if the apocalypse never came and you were just arrested for violating state construction law.

Commander USSDeletthis says:

Remind me of fallout shelter

Plexpara says:

i want it….

A. G. says:

USA simulator

mlg cl0r0x bl34ch says:

Is that all you do?

Can we get 5000 subscribers with videos? says:

when will it be released

Narendrastara says:

Idk if you can plant a tree without sunlight..

despacito 69 says:

Wil it be for mobile too ?

MrHeksas says:

Why would you build a greenhouse near a barrel of diesel? move diesel away ffs

John Doumba says:

lol this game is exactly what i was looking for !!! reminds me of the movie “Sheltered” , hope it has lots of stuff to do , like fend of invaders like Cloverfield 2 or scrounging for useful stuff like This War of Mine , looks amazing too , not cartoon graphics

Kapitan Polak says:

Still not there

frankiethefrank says:

How is he gonna keep those lights on in the greenhouse after the apocalypse?

hyou zan ren says:

Great game to kill time prepping for the end of world!

Паульс Павел says:

its not gameplay.

Mocanu Octavian43 says:

_fallout shelter_ but maybe this is a lot better

Tyler Pierce says:


Muhammad Imam Muslim says:

I want to play this game and very exciting

Thechlebek says:

Fallout shelter but ultra graphic ultra realistic

Edit#1 hey i don’t want to make someone angry by this comment

Bobby Daniel says:

There are three games on steam exactly like this one. Dev’s don’t try anymore, this looks terrible and this trailer showed all the best parts.

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