Monumental Failure – Totally Accurate Construction Simulator! – Monumental Failure Gameplay

Welcome to Monumental Failure! Monumental Failure is a historically (in)accurate physics-based monument construction simulator. The game empowers you to recreate some of the world’s most impressive architectural feats!
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Monumental Failure Gameplay Overview:

Monumental Failure is a historically (in)accurate physics-based monument construction simulator. The game empowers you to recreate some of the world’s most impressive architectural feats using incredible, and hard-to-believe, construction techniques. From the great ring at Stonehenge, to the genius of the ancient Roman aqueduct, will you have what it takes to re-create these feats of engineering?

Build the monuments of ancient times in 60 unique levels spread across 6 unique worlds.

Simple controls and simple design make Monumental Failure approachable to both experienced gamers and novice players.

Light-hearted tone, absurd scenarios, and colorful characters ensure you’re happy even if you’re not winning.

Challenge your friends and show off your monument building prowess.

Find out if working together makes monument construction easier, or failures more spectacular.

Players can select their team’s clothes color and preferred headgear, because, who doesn’t like hats?

Original soundtrack highlights the civilizations featured in the game.

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Download Monumental Failure:

Special thanks to the developers for providing a free press key!
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I remember when people first started playing Ravenfield, and almost all the videos were something along the lines of ‘TABS + Battlefield = This!’ ALL because of similarities in the art-style.

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