MASSIVE 40000 WESTEROS v WIGHTS SURVIVAL BATTLE – Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Gameplay

Today we have a Game of Thrones themed massive 40000 Westeros v White Walker / Wights battle on Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. Can Westeros be saved?!


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“Please note this is an unofficial video and is not endorsed by SEGA or the Creative Assembly in any way. For more information on Total War, please visit”


Sir Dogmeat says:

On sky it comes out on Monday sadly. I’m so happy for it

Unpoisonable says:

Runner zombies dont turn others into zombies for some reason

Substantial worry at the disco says:

Use the world of Imperium castle

Kenneth Lovejoy says:

don’t give up your day job, do part time ,and do this ok be inteligent

stephen batchelor says:

do Rome vs footmen and make them charge at each other from a long distance not too long tho

Robocop Tunggal Dinata says:

Alex . can you do a survival battle in total war?

John Snow says:

the developer needs to make it so that the cavalry runs through and kills units and doesn’t just stand there lancing them

Alex Smith says:

I don’t know why but saying cream-crackered is so satisfying

Mark Walsh says:

Jedi VS Trolls !


This could have been an entertaining video, if only you didnt set the DEFENDERS to ATTACK.
(Personall preferences, i always favour defenders ;_; )

Darek Baird says:

just so you know runner zombies don’t turn/convert npcs

Gamer Space says:

Cant wait game of thrones Jamie lanister for king of westros. That’s my prediction.

ScorpionRegent says:

These battles never make sense. Defenders never hold and defend at choke points, (bridges, passes and narrows). Catapults and Archers never move to the high ground. The cavalry rather than hitting and running it loses momentum and just become impacted like wisdom teeth. Tactically it’s a giant cluster frak. It like the armies are commanded by moron children.

Alex The Rambler! says:

*Whose hyped for season 7?!*

gaston garre says:

Lol finally something now Star Wars related

Myles Kelly says:

great vid Alex

Jens-Peter Müller says:

Hold the line
Hold the line
Holde line
Holde line

MsNosis says:

yuk, should have let them do their last stand. why this impatiense, nuking all over? nah, not for me when you do that stuff.

G filmer says:

Please do the battle of Osgiliath in the World Of Imperium map by using the roman town.

Dj Chillz says:

John snows my favorite even tho I don’t even watch game of thrones

Juan Valdez says:

Jon snow

Ocean Reilly says:

you should do a battle between four armies

TJ ONeill says:

Knights win! Me: wut?

dylan pheifer says:

ironically he hit on danarys right before that and she scoffed at him saying she wouldn’t have sex with him if he was the last man standing on the battlefield

AchWlasch says:

Hey Alex, I’ve been a lurker for quite some time and just wanted to say that I reaaaally enjoy what you are doing. Whatever game it is, I think the most of your subscribers just want epic battle scenarios that are hard to predict. Big thanks for your effort and keep on!

Plank Jesus says:

Big fan of these themed battles

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