MASHINKY Gameplay – SIGNAL WORK & IRON FOUNDRY – Tycoon Trains Simulator/Railroad Tycoon #2

Mashinky is a strategy game where the goal is to build your own transport empire on a procedurally generated map. Like a cross between Transport Fever, Railroad tycoon, Train simulator & Open TTD! Enjoy 🙂

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Independent strategy video game created by Jan Zelený. The combination of procedurally generated challenges, realistic graphics and board-game-like straightforward rules. It is a challenging business simulation game with everything around cargo delivery. The player acts as a entrepreneur in control of a transport company. He needs to lay tracks on a difficult terrain, invent and buy new vehicles, project routes and compete against economical rules to make as much profit by transporting passengers and various cargo types as possible to beat other players score around the world.


I loved to play all these tycoon games in my childhood and have no similar opportunity in these days. I started at university with procedurally generated landscapes, covered by simulated ecosystems with procedurally generated L-system vegetation. Having working landscape generator / renderer, I experimented with board game rules and simple terrain chunks to achieve combination of old fasion isometric game and fully 3D realistic environment. Extending my diploma thesis, I realise that there is a potential and since then, I worked hard to deliver the best game I could even imagine…


– Procedurally generated landscapes full of business opportunities, industry, towns.
– Two modes: Isometric schematic construction view and 3D realistic mode for taking a ride in one of your transport vehicle.
– Support for moders, customizable industries, vehicles, landscape types, vegetation etc.
– 7 eras from steam age to modern maglev trains. Many research paths, building upgrades, stop customisation.

Mashinky is a strategy game created by Jan Zeleny.
The goal is to build your own transport imperium on a procedurally generated map.

The game is unique combination of realistic graphics
combined with an isometric construction mode
and board-like game rules.

A challenging business simulation game with everything cargo delivery can require.

– Experience the addictive gameplay on an isometric grid based map where every change of a traffic layout is a rewarding puzzle.

– Enjoy a realistic 3D landscape, ride one of your trains
or just get mesmerized by the things you have built.

– Invent new vehicles or buildings, extend or customize
your transport imperium. Choose your own strategy based on current world opportunities.

– See the evolutionary historic moments and grow your business through the ages. From simple steam to modern railways.
From wood to superconductors.

The player is an entrepreneur running his own transport company.
He needs to lay tracks on a difficult terrain, invent and build new vehicles, define routes and compete against economy itself to make as much profit as possible. By transporting passengers and cargo.

Inspired by the famous games from the 90s and especially by Chris Sawyer’s Transport Tycoon.

Mashinky aims to combine the best from 3D visualisation and addictiveness of the isometric gameplay.
It all takes place on a procedurally generated world that acts as a sandbox with endless possibilities. Finding the best strategy is never the same.

Every game is different. It’s up to you to find the best opportunities,
invent the most fitting vehicles, expand industries and improve your stations. It is up to you to adapt to the challenge.


Chaz Reyman says:

Game build noises were driving me crazy…keep going with this let’s play! Great content.

Bruce C says:

What’s wrong with the audio?


Biffa pls play unturned or roblox

Wouter Schouten says:

make an dual line with one going one way and the other rail tre other

thomas markop says:

First I hope! 😀

Max Heath says:

Do one for every hour these are so good

darkether says:

It seems to take longer to load cars at shorter stations – if you notice the first several cars load until full and then the next set of cars starts to load. Also, you can improve your forestry service to give more than 1 timber. You had clicked on the station which only showed its improvements, and not the forest which has its own set of improvements. You could have just improved it to give another +1 and avoided all that other track, station, tunnel, depot, train, cars, etc from a separate forest area.

The Krazy 3 says:


Soren Ramdhanie says:

You need a serious amount more passenger stations

BenTheMiner / MTA Railfanner says:

Actually, this sounds and looks more like DeckEleven railroads.

Zari Playz says:

Biffa i love the game!!!!! please dont stop 🙂

Pupdoesstuff Pup way says:

Biffa plz bro I’m your biggest fan plz plz plz when u get a mutyplayer game can u play with me and it could be called playing blank with my biggest fan because I am I watch all your videos plz read this please plz plz pls

Ebba Lytle says:

That one quest that you have to move all that timber… would it work if you had two trains that had a load of cars attached each? You could build the extra line and such before you accept the challenge again. 🙂 You might even take the product to 2 separate timber mills or put three or four trains doing the work. After you could sell off the trains and such if you didn’t need them anymore to recoup some of the cost. Would that work do you think?

hayden lemessy says:

nice job biffa but make stations a little loner please, also do not forget to add your mail cart

drk dragn says:

+Biffa … MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

LadyThoopie says:

Just found your channel last week and you are easily in my top 5 now, with weaselzone and igp. Thank you for the awesome content – fellow brit 🙂

OWL says:

Such a shame the game has no A.I to play against 🙁

Daniel Jakubčík says:

Dude u say u played TTD and u still make trains longer then stations and not give orders to trains like WAIT TILL FULL … so triggered

deimantas z says:

Biffa MORE

Andrew Jonesy says:

Getting greedy with the commercials are we?

Jojo TV says:

Please don’t stop

Art1985 says:

You should upgrade forest where you get your wood! You can add additional wood there so that wood production increased!
And does this game have more economic options? Because I think it is too many people are waiting in stations, I think there should be harder options.
And if I understand correctly, we will not have to bring freight to cities?! Just need to deliver materials to factories and that’s it? Really?!

Yellow_YT says:

Yay I love this series already

deimantas z says:


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