MAKING MILLIONS WITH HEAVY MACHINERY! Gold Digging Simulator – Gold Rush Pre-Alpha Gameplay

MAKING MILLIONS WITH HEAVY MACHINERY! Gold Digging Simulator in this Gold Rush the game pre-alpha gameplay!
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This one is coming to us from the same publisher as Train Mechanic Simulator 2017, and it definitely has the same feel. In this open world sandbox style of game you are a gold miner looking to make a fortune. With a plethora of heavy machinery and tools at your disposal, you can literally dig for gold, put it through a sorting process, and then tweezer out the little nuggets of sweet, delicious money.

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ABOUT: Gold Rush: The Game

These of you who have never dreamt about finding a gold nugget, please raise your hand. Ok, now, gather around, because I’m about to tell you something. The rest of you can just enjoy this experience, because there is nothing I can tell you to make you even more interested. It’s just a “dream come true” for all of us, right?

Gold Rush allows you to discover the tough experience of gold mining. You start with just an excavator, but with passing seasons, you become the wealthiest man in Alaska.

We created a big, detailed world with four unique gold mining claims. On each, you will find a fully deformable terrain. Each fragment of our world has its own background story you can discover in spare time.

Our main goal was to create a high-fidelity simulation. You will spend a lot of time in the excavator, as it is the main gold mining tool, so with that in mind, we spend the majority of our time giving you the best possible experience.

There is no campaign in our game. Instead, we decided, after a long tutorial, you will go into Sandbox mode, where you will not be constrained by anything.

Remember, nobody can work all day, all night. Even if you’d like to, the hard work of gold miners is often hampered by the force of nature. Difficult weather conditions can easily spoil the machines and stop the extraction for a long time, not to mention the winter, when you can’t dig at all.


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Andrew Martin The Bobcat Lover says:

Can I have the link to the game? PLEASE

noah hause says:

make it a series

Matthew Laney says:

23:17 it sounds like he said sit boys we’re gonna crap XD

Cyborg Lion says:

maybe some ants or termites accidently excavated some gold.

Vinicius Alves says:

Ho gray, you miss 90% of the gold when you put int the jar, 06:30, 25:10, 25:13, 25:18 all missthe jar, you can see in the floor of the whater hahahahha

Dog Games says:

do more

Steathyfire Will says:


Ty_Mulcair says:


Daniel says:

gray the gold is not going into jar its falling into water lol 25:09

DogePlayz - Gaming & More says:

This game looks sick cant wait to play it

TruckchannelNord by Lukas G says:

I hope lots of people will buy this game. It looks like they put much and much and much work in it for all the details. Very nice!

Głaziasty 000 says:

GrayStillPlays is golddigger xD

Eddi eddi says:

do more

Steven van zuydam says:

next to a fire ”keeps ya cool”
gotta love good ol’ gray

Alexander Boudreaux says:

notice how when gray puts the gold in the jar the gold never makes it into the jar

IkaroszHUN says:

How to get this game?



Keith Burke says:

You can’t make a ‘pre-alpha’ build.. Alpha means first. WTF!

themadtaxi says:

Is It Just Me But I Want That Truck

ProXYoDa 420 says:

I always pull out

Drew Anderson says:

Play more of this game

Sean C says:

I dig this game.

Teresa Mendez granado says:

Gray I can tell u don’t play fallout but It will be fallout 4 ( fo4) or fallout 3 (fo3) 🙂 love the videos. my summer car is the reason why I found your channel. 😉

Kyle Schultz says:

Do Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul from the Steam shop! I want to decide if I want it or not.

Neilogical says:

Fun game. Although in my playthrough I had a very unfortunate physics accident lol

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