LIFE SIMULATOR 2016 | Today we play Life Simulator 2016 were I show you how to live life…really fast.

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Mariell Oettel says:

Haha the start

Mainato Namakaze says:

anyone watching in 2019?

Jimmie Nell Hornbuckle says:

Also aeeeeeeeeeeee

Ashton Lindsay says:


XxCaleeyahxX says:

now that’s just cold

Karissa Mercer says:

You are my Faber

Maia Simonsen says:

Show as your bum


Laura Reyes says:

I like your player.

Aasiya Wilson says:

Ooops y

mzleah09 says:

How did you feel

Dan Dan says:

X Missing shoes

Felipe Lopez JR. says:

F. Very easy

Quincey Adams says:

You the best

Amber Blake says:


Karl Austin Dale Hutcherson says:

Blind are you shoes are right there

Vv Lawton says:

Got dang Allen

Jahlisa Anderson says:

Honeist you cute will you be my girl

Pretty Girl Pooh says:


Gacha God God says:

Hey! My name is Terry!

domo8025 says:

You are the best kev


Ayeeee ayeeee hit it kev

Spider Man says:

Dude I’m only 11

dayton ayala says:

go kev

Viktor Løtveit says:

WHO is watching this in 2019

poke digger 1 says:

Your missing your shoes

Yolanda Grande says:

And plus on the grand kids level he cussed and said “BADASS”

Selma Hosic says:


Madiana Muñoz says:

I love you but you were saying to much bad words.

wwwdadadj says:

Why did your son did not mack a video

Mattydale Brown says:

do after life its the best game eveer

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