Life Is Feudal Forest Village Let’s Play / Gameplay – Ep 5 – Medieval City Building Simulation Game

Life Is Feudal: Forest Village 2017 is a new city builder simulation game with survival aspects in a realistic harsh medieval world. Shape, build and expand your settlement, grow various food to prevent your villagers from avitaminosis and starvation. Possess them for additional micromanagement or simply to wander around.
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Ron Lloyd says:

that was fun

Aaron M says:

I like how all the buildings in your village face the same direction.

Matthew Guscott says:

mmmmmmm pie! really enjoying the series so far Skye!

William Reiner says:

Love this series, been playing this myself for a while. You make this fun.
I use the kids for hunting when the adults are working.

Gideon Evans says:

Skye, you forgot to press ok on your 4th farm when changing it to flax.

hydron powers says:

Will mods be included in future gameplay?

Blue Star says:

A herbalist hut is probably due, as with that number of animals roaming the village an outbreak of rabbis or plague is quite possible

qb says:

Easy way to spot teenagers is through each house context menu. Certainly esier than looking for them in the village. Cause they tend to hide in houses.
BTW I use my teenagers to cut the biggest trees. 😀 Cause adults for some reason won’t do that. Exactly as in your village. Women mining stone (but small despotis only), men cooking and children cutting trees.

Josh Shacklock says:

Tornadoes in feudal europe? Oh lawdy Edit: I take it back, snowing in Summer, deffo sounds like England thesedays.

qb says:

Skye, also you have possibility to see graphs. It is under ‘2 houses’ menu. The last one option there. There are some issues with those graphs. But they are there.

David Brown says:

Lucky, you got into year 4 without the save game error.

wreckcelsior says:

I asked my parents about banging… they had another couple over at the time, and they made me go babysit their kids. When I came home, they had moved my bedroom outside to a tent.

Bart van der Sleen says:

Love this series 🙂 Your hunters, foresters, gatherers and fishermen have to walk quite far to drop their resources in storage. I think this is the reason your wood, meat and fish levels are low. Maybe it’s a good idea to build some storage buildings closer to their working areas.

daniel foley says:


Blindarchangel82 says:

Did you use the shift key to run in this one…I guess I’ll find out 😉

StamperCat1 says:

Suggestion……you never build the orchard you talked about in an earlier episode. That would give you more variety with fruit to go with your vegetables.

Alan M. says:

Skye you can select game speed using number keys 1, 2 & 3 and pause with the spacebar.

Josh Shacklock says:

Yo Skye is this ACTUALLY worth buying? Will I get any new joy from it as opposed to playing Banished Colonial Charter? Bit skint this month and im tempted but like is it REALLY worth buying?

cl1xor says:

Never thought that seeing a guy ordering some pixels to chop wood could be so fascinating 🙂

atur chomicz says:

Please play Sim city 2013 again!

Tom Ross says:

Love to see more of these vids

hydron powers says:

“Child died during birth”. That’s really so sad. It may he the lack of adequate homes.

Bickety Bam says:

I got the notification… 15 mins into the video…

tingel says:

I would have given up about 2 episodes ago! But you turned it around! 🙂

Merja Fröberg says:

We need pies! So time to build a bakery!

Bickety Bam says:

Wait… they had a banging party and then got some meat… and yet still no “kids ask your parents” comment? You’re slipping…

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