Life Is Feudal Forest Village Let’s Play / Gameplay – Ep 3 – Medieval City Building Simulation Game

Life Is Feudal: Forest Village 2017 is a new city builder simulation game with survival aspects in a realistic harsh medieval world. Shape, build and expand your settlement, grow various food to prevent your villagers from avitaminosis and starvation. Possess them for additional micromanagement or simply to wander around.
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Shivanshu Kant Prasad says:

Play Interstellar Transport Company it is a transport tycoon game placed in space and has quite a depth to it.

RnRollie says:

A few words of warning: contrary to common belief, wildlife is not unlimited. Also, going out killing stags & bears & such is all fine & dandy, but if not enough labour to pick up the meat, it will get eaten by the wolves. And, as someone else said, crop rotation is a thing. To burn less wood, upgrade houses & up production. A population stop while upgrading stuff is advisable. At some point you’ll have to have a permanent stream of labour to gather & pick up things. And while talking about gathering… a gathering hut in the middle of the village doesn’t do much.. some banished rules apply 🙂
There is somewhere a menu item that gives you stats & reports. Also check out the mods, there is one that gives you detailed info/reports.

hydron powers says:

I would be scared if I heard Skye in my conscience.

Riggerw8 says:

You are going to grow more and more frustrated with this game, it’s in full release and so very unpolished that it’s disturbingly annoying. There are so many things that need adjusting and the Devs are very slow to actually do anything, they are also very closed lipped, they don’t keep the community informed very well of anything they are doing. It’s a shame, this game looked so good when I bought it, after a few runs, and after every patch breaking new things, I gave up on it feeling cheated.

tingel says:

you made me google gooseberry pie! Now I want some!

Ewanerd Roblox says:


ikorbln says:

I lost four people in the second winter. Food is no problem at he beginning but firewood it is. I think it is a bug. i have 6 man working on firewood but they cant keep up. and the second problem is that the forester is bringing all the wood to the warehouse and the man for the firewood is going all the way to get it. the forester could bring it direkt to the firewood man.

Lodewijk Vrije says:

hmm i thought this game had some “fundamental gameplay problems” at least that’s what you said when i recommended this game when it just released.

what changed?

Reece Hart says:

Did someone say pie?

stephen doesthings says:

Hi skye, its been released i think you eould like to play it, its a game called slime rancher

אורן בלאו says:

Hello Sky… i worked a bit in farming in my Kibbutz and we usually change crops in the field from time to time to revitalize the ground. maybe its the case in the game with the potato issue?

Baleine_Volante says:

Skye, went you control a villager, you can run with shift.

#NiCk says:

Do SimAirport!

Mike Hillmann says:

Good job!  Good thing you concentrated on your wood all winter.  🙂  Will work for pie…

hydron powers says:

Start cutting down the forest and increase the amount of homes

halvanhelev says:

Don’t make me think about pie…

Panda93 says:

Do you recommend this games? because I liked banished a lot but the reviews on Steam are not great

Jeffery Blanchard says:

crop rotation

Tim Meek says:

stop with the effing PIE . <3 you still but gawd you can get annoying lol

Ron Lloyd says:

great video

Lee1978R says:

Pie Lol

Doktor Logan says:

This game seems to require a lot more mini-management than Banished…Maybe mud-pies will satisfy your villagers during the winter? 😛

mrmcbaldspot says:

If you think starvation is coming soon take control of a person and go hunting for 5 minutes. Use the shift key to run. You’ll have 100 – 150 meat. More if you hunt longer.

Robert Burke says:

Now all I can think about is pie and Carlos the bear killer , lol.

Fame 1 says:

Already can’t wait for your second play through of this game!

jai nowranram says:

this game different from banish u need a school it make a big different if the teen not educated they don’t work that much and production is not good for example like u farm u keep asking about .

Arpan Offers says:

thanks for the episode

Lisa C. says:

LMAO!!! Thank you, Skye, for making me giggle all the way thru this episode … pie! lol Have a great upcoming week! Hugs!!

W Syarmin says:

to much PIE!!!

hydron powers says:

HAY Skye!

qb says:

Hey Skye.
In 1st person you can run when holding Shift key. You can also start some task and Esc from 1st person. Person will stay at this task.
And for some cruelty – it is bad to inpersonate adult cause they usually have some jobs already assigned. It is very efficient to use teenagers for 1st person additional works. 😀

tingel says:

Next winter will be tough! I’m worried not everyone will even make it to next winter! o_o Next episode will be exciting too!

RazzUK says:

Grabbing the meat, moist soil, pie-stitution. Welcome to another episode of Carry on Feudal.

shanna says:

go to charcoal asap. it takes longer to produce but goes down much less.
get a forester up also asap. tree growth takes time and deforestation is quite quick.
herbalist you get lateron needs old forest to get herbs, so cutting everything in sight is not a good thing.

also, keep an eye on the children amount. At some point your current village is going to die en mass due to old age.

Arpan Offers says:


Mad hatter says:

Man making clothes and he thinks he’s using a loom when he’s actually using a spinning wheel – this does not bode well.

subba tron says:

you have to change between the crops. first year potato and second year wheat or something… important!”

OctoPie says:

I agree, women should do all the work *joke*

Edohiguma says:

I made it through my first winter with one lumberjack, and 4 shacks. He kept a stable supply of 250-300 firewood while the rest gathered some wood every now and then. I tried to clear the area of my forester of rocks and ore as well, which allowed for more space to plant trees in. By the second winter I kept harvesting trees, in addition to a full forester, and ran 2-3 lumberjacks. Before that, though, I also had ran 3 fields of taters and kept running a full fishery.

Fish and veggies are only 7 cal. So they will burn through it faster than bread and meat.

Tony Blah says:

You over did it with the pie Sky seriously

ikorbln says:

and i have a question, were can i see the production from the forester or the weaver? i like to see how many loggs he made…..

halvanhelev says:

Oh, I was watching another video in YouTube with 1 hour left and then announcement about Skye’s life in feudal forest village appeared… So let’s put the priorities in order and watch this first 😉

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