Life Is Feudal Forest Village Let’s Play / Gameplay – Ep 1 – Medieval City Building Simulation Game

Life Is Feudal: Forest Village 2017 is a new city builder simulation game with survival aspects in a realistic harsh medieval world. Shape, build and expand your settlement, grow various food to prevent your villagers from avitaminosis and starvation. Possess them for additional micromanagement or simply to wander around.
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Merja Fröberg says:

Mmmmpie! And now I want some pie!

Arpan Offers says:

I enjoyed this episode.

Maikkeru Mitsuru says:

More of this please. Awesome game

Albin Charleville says:

Finaly! I have waited for this!

Slye_Fox says:

Will you ever continue your Cities: Skylines series?

Miles Cowton says:

good video as always, the game looks interesting, may get it soon

Gideon Evans says:

Skye, I think the reason you can’t get anyone to terraform anything is because you have to drag the yellow lines to shape the terrain, like they do in the trailer.

Jack Cheung says:

This game is awsome,keep going Skye!

Kevin Samuels says:

when you poses a human, once you get him/her doing a job, you can exit out and they will continue and they complete the task quicker. While the adults are doing the set jobs, use the kids to chop trees and start some hunting. always a good idea to plan to start harvesting your fields in late summer to maximise your crop yield.

Mike Hillmann says:

You always make games so interesting!  Also, the problem you were having with the terraforming is I believe you were skipping the step of defining a leveling height and was canceling the order.

T Andrei says:

Get Nanny for this series it will fill the down time from building/harvesting/growing…. with comments from her also

raemckay says:

This had me giggling away. Thanks, Skye.

daft73 says:

That moment @30:38 when you notice your fields. Thanks Syke for the lol.

Harley Vincent says:

Isle of Skye?! Could invest in Whiskey with that name (Talisker) xD

halvanhelev says:

Great episode – liked it a lot!

Bickety Bam says:

Cheers mate

Mapuia Pachuau says:

hahaha.. nice intro

Hallebumba says:

Placen ya fields right next to salt water. Pretty good idea 😀 but hey, if it works

Burak atlel says:

we loved this, waiting for more:)

jim pratt says:

developer has torn into banished developer and basicly been a real p**ck towards the ONE developer of banished , so interesting game but nope out of principle not for me,plus they have abandoned 3 previous games half way through so dont hold your breath

bignose140 says:

Wonder if Skye will do an A-Train Classic Lets Play.

Do it! 🙂

Dirty.Old.Canadian says:

Looks a lot like Banished 2.0

Micky Nixon says:

why do people put thumbs down ? sad (dont watch then )

Lwest says:

It’s a good game, and nice change of pace. Thanks

Air Burger says:

Woo Scotland Isle of Skye

Wendy vB says:

Well I like it. Hope to see more of this 🙂

GDCeravcervantes says:

Life is Skye: Heaven simulator, Build your own heaven!(Bad puns SO SO SORRY) 🙂

RandomOwl says:


Gaminnewfie says:

The game looks good. Don’t know why this has mixed reviews on Steam. =S

Doktor Logan says:

Do the wildlife actually pose a threat to your village? Can they be domesticated? Are there any natives who want their land back? Do your potatoes come ready-salted if you use sea-water to water them? 🙂

Lee1978R says:

Loving the funny village backstory 🙂

Robert Burke says:

You’re a nut , love the beginning 😉

MN121MN says:

So Life is feudal spinoff as a city building simulator? Interesting.

shannon robinson says:

Just me, but this looks like Banished Remastered.

Jesper Iversen says:

Reversed gender-role city! Aw… Wish I could live there x) ^^

csokasg says:

44:37 brynhilde is expecting a baby at age 7, how could you miss that Skye? 😀

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