KLEPTO Gameplay | Falcon 1 Shot | Let’s Play Klepto (Burglary Simulation!)

Welcome to Let’s Play Klepto! This video consists of Klepto Gameplay from its PC release on Steam. From Meerkat Gaming, Klepto is a burglary simulation in which you’ll explore, terrorize and loot your way to success in a variety of open-world sandbox neighborhoods.

Build your reputation in the criminal world by taking on contracts or team up with your fellow criminals for some online multiplayer shenanigans. Hate the idea of burglarizing? Play online as one of Klepto’s finest to serve and protect the neighborhoods in the Cops & Robbers multiplayer game mode.

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► Subscribe for Klepto Gameplay – http://bit.ly/Sub2Falcon
► Klepto Let’s Play – https://goo.gl/bEuWE5
► Klepto Game Download – http://store.steampowered.com/app/403590/
► More Klepto info – https://kleptogame.com/
► Klepto Updates – http://twitter.com/MeerkatGaming

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Klepto Gameplay Part 1 – we crooks now!


Clean Living says:

I shall stick to Thief Deadly Shadows

commandrock37 says:

you know whats better then stealing?

Scunt Trooper says:

I need more giANT

DEDsecgames says:

Get everything you can nothing left behind

Vladimir Chernyshev says:

10:17 I think this guy is developer, don’t feed him!

Dosily Smith says:

as a career criminal …. in many games … I think this may be a good game … keep me up to date on when it comes out … (like the free part of the demo…hope the game is less then $5.50

TheSixSin _ says:


Jack Shepherd - RPUK says:

For anyone who wonders I believe this is pre recorded a few weeks ago because if you search klepto on YouTube there are many videos that are further developed then this

leroyboy18 says:

I’m disappointed by the security box. thats an industrial machine panel with two transformers, a siemens PLC and a few breakers

KillerRobot says:

youre supposed to stop on the click. you go past it

Bryan Ott says:

Pen things. Where you put some papers to write down stuff…

You mean a clipboard?

doomblackdragon says:

I look forward to this game hitting early access.

Infectious gamers(dansk) says:

hello again again

Billy Lewis says:

Love your channel but improve thumbnails

Benguin says:

Falcon Why two views?

israel5236 says:

4:41 Michael J. Fox!!!!

Alex Teijgeler says:

The safe does actually work. Used headphones and you will hear a slight tick. The click you heard was the safe resetting itself.

009fear says:

First wohooo

LALM thelegendary says:

wait… next spring? or was this pre recorded in like winter

Benguin says:


malthael the angel of death says:

Falcon its KLEPTO aka take EVERYTHING (that you can)

Chidubem Ifeanyi says:

Please do a series.

Foxydead Boy says:

Love this vide!

jordyn lee says:

yes please play klepto im praying for it

TheSixSin _ says:

This is the game where people learn to raid people house lol

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