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Beast Battle Simulator gameplay! Beast Battle Simulator is a funny PC game, where you create hilarious simulated battles of animals and dinosaurs, and the best part is, you can give them weapons! Today, it’s jumping sharks vs the king penguin!

Here is a description of Beast Battle Simulator by its developers Dog Hoggler: Beast Battle Simulator is a physics based battle-simulation sandbox game featuring dinosaurs and animals. Kamikaze Zebras VS. T-Rex with laser guns, Lions with machine guns VS. a flock of 50 seagulls; anything is possible! Watch as the beasts dismember and rip each other apart in gory detail!

BBS is fully physics simulated, so the beasts can smash and knock each other over in emergent ways. They can even lose limbs depending on where they’re hit or bitten. Every beast in the game has a unique fighting style and attack pattern.
Beast Soccer
BBS includes a Soccer gamemode in which you can pit beasts against each other for a violent game of soccer. Who plays better football: Brachiosaurus or Polar Bears? Set up the match and find out for yourself!

Weapon Attachments
Customize your beasts by attaching weapons to them like machine guns, flame throwers, and bomb vests.

Challenge Mode
In challenge mode, you must construct a team of beasts to complete a given task for each level. The game currently features 30 challenges, but more are planned to be added in the future. From smashing down pyramids of crates, to beating big dinosaurs in GIANT beast soccer, to having to face the dreaded penguin king, each challenge offers a unique gameplay experience.

Sandbox Mode
In sandbox mode, the only limit is your imagination. You set up both teams for a custom battle of whatever units you want. You can even edit the health and damage values of your beasts to create unique custom units like a super-powered puppy, or a killer pig.

 30+ different animals and dinosaurs to use in battle
 Equippable weapons (Flamethrowers, Lasers, Miniguns, etc)
 Physics-based simulation
 Sandbox mode
 Challenge mode (currently includes 30 Challenges)
 BEAST SOCCER gamemode
 Custom units: Modify the health and damage of your beasts
 Extreme dismemberment and gore
 Beast Control: at any time during battle you can take control and play as one of the beasts

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Beast Battle Simulator is coming Soon! Release date is August 23rd.

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Leon Lobo says:

100 Rhinos vs 1 Super hippo

TheGreenBeagle says:

Super pig newton versus 100 sharks

ItsDino Games says:


FaE Hero says:

Hey good content keep the good content up your the best

Red Dragon says:

Do a penguin with 2000 health and 100 damage vs king penguin with 2000 health and 100 damage see if size really makes a difference or not

torch wood gaming says:

I got 1 put the king penguin with 10000hp with 1 attack power vs 100 penguin!

Christian Rodgers says:

Can u play Crash Bandicoot WAREP

fordmangt ! says:

Tank vs 100shark

Muhammad Lutfi says:


Adrian Henson says:

Pls play more of beast battle simulator

RedMinecraft0849 says:


J Swats says:

Do king penguin vs titanaboas

BøllemiZDK says:

You Can put gear on a tank if you want to 🙂

Kid Zippy says:

King Penguin 20k hp vs 100 snakes

Wilson Su says:

You said you can’t see the ball but you said seven times and first time 15 metell balls then soccer ball appears xD should say socker ball

Nikkit Pradhan says:

Super snake has superman powers

Liam Pioli says:

You should play slime rancher

Joseph Aldrin Bartolome says:

300 shark and 3 king penguins and with maybe make the king damage to 100

ItsDino Games says:

Plz dont hate Pungence his the best

Will Pickett says:

wait so on the other beast battle YOU SAW MY COMMENT YES

dkdinoboss four 81 says:

The dog must have ever wepon and a 10000 hp and 200 power

Maarten Mert says:

lets try too hit one bilion likes evry day

FaE Hero says:

Do 10 elephants and 10both with 100000hp and both with 100000 strankge

Kylee Williams says:

Keegan Leon says:

100 sharks vs 100 sharks!!!

RedMinecraft0849 says:

there’s a new update adds the meladone

Mega Sceptile time says:

King Penguin vs. 100 OP dogs, 700 health for op dogs, damage is your choice

Maarten Mert says:

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh try too doo a shark with how many likes we get thats the healfh and put how many snakes you can put like you did when you get the eror mesege on the game you played uhh what was it oy yea tabs

Fevthegamer611 says:

they aren’t defying the laws of idk how to spell it but they are just defying the boundries of there power

Nikkit Pradhan says:

Ok!sharks also has super burst ability now please tell me is this game is for animals and dinosaurs or super powered animal and dinosaurs

Terry Tesak says:

There is megladon

ItsDino Games says:

Do a trex 10000000000000 health and 6000 damage vs 2000

dkdinoboss four 81 says:

A super dog vs 100 t rexs that would be awsome

Corin Brewer says:

Do a brachiosaurus with 1 million hp and 1k attack v.s a bunch of 3k hp sharks

Maarten Mert says:


kmhist101 says:

King penguin vs 100 regular penguin

Jasmine Thompson says:

Play knack2

RedMinecraft0849 says:


Kragon27 says:

king penguin 15000 health VS 75 snakes

Angela Flow says:

please do King penguin with 900 penguins vs 100 raptors

Corin Brewer says:

I love your channel


Pungunc I’ve been with you séance your first amazing frog video and it would be my dream for you to see this and do it please do a thing like the 300 the king pingun in the middle surunded. With his alli penguins and then surrounded with enemy sharks

Blue Guy TEAM MYSTIC says:

Monkey with health over 9000 and maxed gear vs 100 tanks ( Referring to Goku vs Red ribbion)

I am a crab Comedy and vlogs says:

Can you do 1000000 t-Rex’s vs 12 raptors with 10000000000000 health

Bentley's World of Fishing says:

Do 300 sharks vs 3 mega t-Rex’s

Krishna Reddy says:

Hey pungence do 100 snakes Vs king penguins with 15000 health please

ItsDino Games says:

Or 2000 king penguin or 200 penguin

bigfan fan says:

Please play dokkan battle

Maarten Mert says:


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