Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation EP 1 | Hell | Let’s Play Judgment Gameplay

Welcome to Let’s Play Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation! This video consists of Judgment Gameplay from its Steam release. From Suncrash, Judgment is a colony simulation game with tactical combat that takes place in the midst of The Apocalypse.

Guide a group of survivors through the mayhem — hiding from hellspawn and building a safe haven. Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation combines a base economy simulation with tactical combat missions; you survive by crafting equipment, defending your base and sending teams to scavenge for supplies.

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Judgment Gameplay Part 1 – Just another day in the rapture


David S says:


Joshua Hagstrom says:

I heard you compare the skill system to Rimworld, so do your people level up in the skills? If you use someone in combat all the time, will they get better at it?

AuroaBeats says:

this game looks amazing please more 😀

Gamer Garm says:

Series, series, series!

Collin P. Reese says:

10/10 Would watch again. ;P

Black95Ace says:


Echo says:

more please

Anacone says:

It seems really that NPCs are quite Noobs

QorDaq says:

Still down a club! And for some reason I am eager to see what our intrepid survivors can find in all of those scrap piles laying around the map…*Woot!*…

I do like the (apparently) casual nature of the colony/village/camp management system in the game so far. Seems like a good mix of options to auto pilot or micromanage depending on your play style. Looking forward to more.

Johan says:

You could fit the bed, table, research and crafting in the big hut. And put the table close to the entrance, since that is what people use the most.


This is certainly interesting, I do hope you last long enough so we can see some of the stronger demons. Should be good times.

Ethan Nguyen says:

I likey likey falcon :)) nice job finding this game!

The Real Soviet Nerd says:

I’ve seen shit that will turn you white!

Anson Briegel says:

Falcon I love this please keep playing 😀

roslolian11 says:

Yay! Make this a series please!

TheSanctume says:

I notice time continue moving while you’re deciding what to build. My OCD is being triggered!

doomblackdragon says:

Can I summon demons? Have like a succubus join me team? While this game seems cool and all. I still kinda want to see the whole war between demons and angels. With you can chose a side to join.

I was not paying attention near the end. I just head Falcon say maturity is to low. I got a chuckle thinking he was talking about him self. 😛

Jo luc says:

but is it a game ?

Green Fiction says:

Omgosh I wanted to see moreee

StuartRobertM says:

Wow, kudos to you for stickin it out for 2 episodes. I tried it for a bit and had to get a Steam refund as it is just way too awful the way it is. It feels like a really cheap mobile game with some of the most cumbersome combat I have ever experienced. It could be fun in maybe a year or two, but as it stands now it is not worth a penny of anyone’s money.

Perktube1 says:

don’t cross the streams

Slightly_Miffed_Lettuce says:


Richard Hole says:

You forgot to laugh when you said “wood” for the first time. Yes, this would be a good series.

Green Fiction says:

How…do u…spell…

Richard Ramsey says:

(is that a giant puff man) lol love that movie

Doktor Logan says:

Lookin’ fine Falcon  🙂

FredSpade says:

Ha, he’s in his ‘You don’t have to tell ME, game…’ stage.
The art and graphical presentation is nice. Interesting mix of influences. Seems promising.

MegaOscar says:

This is like Rimworld.

The Youtube Professor says:

Falcon you have to craft the food like crafting weapons it’s the salad picture

Marie Assi says:

you should do project zombiod single player or multiplayer

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