Job Simulator Gameplay – Office Worker – HTC Vive

Shoutout to Valve for enabling the Chaperon camera to be used as a source for recording programs! A little buggy, but still works amazing!

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Enrique Araujo says:

this is weird. with vr gaming, it looks like we went backwards with graphics. am I the only one seeing this? this is horrible. 🙁 it should look realistic, not like a f-ing cartoon!

writofmandamus says:

how big of an issue is the risk of tripping over the cord for these VR headsets? I’m watching you move around in the room and am thinking I would totally be conscious about it which would take away from the immersion.

BokiGamerYT says:

he picks password then he says no no no not this password wrong!

K0DAK47 says:

copied brain in a basketball hoop is the best moment in video

Mc Nuggets says:

it would be better if you talk you prob have more subs

Whiteboard Stickman says:

Aww now isn’t that sweet?

Nikodem Grzywacz says:


Jada Whitney says:

why don’t you ever fuck in talk

Matthew P says:

That ending. 🙁

Lindsay Askew says:

Help Me Find This Game

Swagger McJagger says:

4:29 is it just me, or does that sound like the robot from Ratchet and Clank: Up your Arsenal?

Artur Alves says:

gazm2k5 says:

3:31 wow that sums up my time working at Dyson perfectly.

Soren Su says:

i died when you photo copied your head XD

Septic Army says:

Why don’t you talk?

coffeehauz says:

It’s weird. Usually, when you think of simulator games, you think Surgeon Simulator-esque games where controlling your character is in itself a challenge. But no, you can now pour a cup of coffee without missing a drop, and throw the cup with pinpoint accuracy at your boss. Immersion does some weird stuff.

Martin Drkoš says:

The comments complaining about the glasses made me think about something. When you put them on in VR do you see out of them normally (one eye trough each glass) or do they float in front of your face?

Joseph Costarella says:

how are you recording your vive and other cameras?

TheYTChronicles says:

Imagine how shit this will look in 20 years time.

IMD Informatique says:

Whats title of song at 4:21 please ?

Swagger McJagger says:

Lol this was actually really funny

Creepy Nigel says:

Are you the developer?

Dontrell Durham says:

talk for once

Mr J Bear says:

Do you bare children? Smacks guy in the far with picture

christoffer34 says:

Hahah funny

tony vn says:


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