Job Simulator Gameplay – I HATE CUSTOMERS! Convenience Store Clerk (HTC Vive VR Job Simulator)

Job Simulator Gameplay featuring Convenience Store Clerk Job Simulation in HTC Vive. Welcome everybody to the most requested VR game on the channel, Job Simulator. In Job Simulator you take control of human job simulations in a futuristic world where computers rule. In this episode we try out the Convenience Store Clerk simulation and I do my best to keep my cool with some very needed computer customers. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Job Simulator, thanks for watching and liking!

Job Simulator Playlist: Coming Soon!

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Deborah Osborne says:


Michael Brock says:


TR-8R The Stormtrooper says:

3:27 that’s what she said.

Dr. Demoman says:

*Virtual Reality in Virtual Reality? :D*

Master In disguise says:

You didn’t get to the robber bit

wolfy boy says:

they simply HAVE to make more games like these!!

Collector Unboxer says:

this was very accurate. i work retail and people are like this all the time. and some are very very nice

Delilah Dahlberg says:

I’m o

Jo Jo the Hobo says:


carson kal says:

Were did you get the game

aeris cannon says:

draegast: he’s enjoyed hitting kids with his hot dogs since june 2016

Therése Lager says:


Fisher Deason says:

was offended when he says only old ladys only use checks

yolanda pittman says:

how do you get job simulator

star mysterio says:


Pyry Seppänen says:

Congrats for 1mil

Blake Hartlaub says:

fucjing drinking on the job

SBB9 Gaming and Stuff says:

why are they trying to steal the condiments

patrik keuc says:


champion643 says:

The little kid bot at 12:20 to 12:23 sounds just like my ex

Clayton Shears says:

I have thisssssss

Elias Hamilton says:

17:27 Did you see the word evil on the purple money?

T Stormer says:

do the office worker one cause I haven’t seen anyone else do it before

Wearyaxe says:

Just leave the tip 😉

Sonya Mullins says:

Play more shoppe keep

Sven Palo says:

Yeah play more

Carlo Castilo says:

When he threw that jelly HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

Glorval MacGlorvas says:

15:30 Some Crispy Crispies…. Oh wow, my friend calls me Krispies and I just thought of that as you said that…

Xortsa says:

lol, yesterdays news is a brand of cat litter

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