Job Simulator Gameplay – Auto Mechanic – HTC Vive

And I thought Human mechanics were shady. These Robots really take the cake.

Edit: sorry for the weird audio. I don’t know how the static happened. Wasn’t like this in editing.

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adrian vertez says:

gry Mendez Borges says:


Melissa Kleinig says:

good men

Alejandro Torres says:

want cost the HTC vive?

The ANTON says:

he was trying to throw the things . everywhere in the garage . I’m not subscribing to his channel . looks like he’s going to throw the things .and he ruined

Cat dance Dance! says:

People run!!!

Cat dance Dance! says:

1:09 very funny!!!!

_ĴąŊŇĔŦ_ _Çřąžŷ Çĥąñŋęl_ says:

You cool boy! 😉 BRO!)

English rose25 says:

you ruien the game u mighty douche

pedro Diaz says:

I have game job simulator

Pancake Gamer says:

SadlyItsBradly you should wait longer so they have to spend more money

jse is number one same as furst says:

I am 10 one day I herd a lowd nnoyes I lockt at the road Andi saw a van weth cans on the back

Deborah Osborne says:


Максим Федоров says:

Крута малодец

DAFUNGAZZZDAHMLG I need bleach says:

Kids in China could’ve eaten those…. non existent virtual donuts………

Jason Hollingshed says:

Your so funny I subscribed you XD

OP Peach says:

Ha he put die ha.

gutierrezkid8 minepixel gamer says:

I do hahaha

Almir games says:


Dorukhan Duman tv says:


Cat dance Dance! says:

1:09 very funny!

Cat dance Dance! says:

1:09 very funny!

Emalie Hostetler says:

14:34 EH is the first letter of my first and last name

ธนกฤต สิทธิวิไล says:

l L

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