Job Simulator Gameplay #1 – Store Clerk (PC)(HTC Vive VR)

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Stephen Rodgers says:

can you come to my house please bereghost and pixiedust423

Crazy Crafts says:

I don’t understand why he isn’t the most popular YouTuber

Roosa Gaming says:


drake osborne says:


killer gaming says:


Nathan Tran says:

Zzzzzzz hate

mlg gamer says:

bereghost youre my second fav youtuber ever my 1st is pewdiepie

Baso Lus says:

Who else misses the old bereghostgames

GamerCat says:

love your channel :3

Arminas Slusnys says:

hey bere if u can can u find more vr games plz 😀

the wolf pu0 says:

hey I’m un sudscriding cause you not da best no more

Jaydan Kelly says:


Roosevelt Greenwood says:

coull game

Bonnie Wiggins says:

I know him I was playing with him

TeddyHuntFish/RobloxGaming says:

your so boss

Jaydan Kelly says:

I can here you

Marco Sanchez says:

can you play pokemon pls in roblox

Bowz Rage says:

Yesterday News good for toilet paper

supersayin gamming says:

bere make more videos plz


hey bereghost do more with hunt

Kim Summerlin says:

wow he just threw the jobs away

Surfer KittyDawg says:

Out of alot of YouTubers, you did the best display for the Energy drinks!

cami Petrie says:

Bere your the best you inspire me to play games but i dont have a channel im only nine and i hope you get the gold play button and get lots of subscribers i watch you everyday and laugh so much your so funny! (First goes Bere then Snapple then Valadin then Pixie on the funny scale)

Itsamadingcaleb says:

LOL 17:58 to 18:27 !

Pontic123 Pontiac Cars says:

he takes the little girl robbing the store so politely and nice miniladd was all like ehh what do i do! um um um this is not sugar! i know but itll blow people up she puts it back to him and he accidentaly ppulls the top off and he gets shot with a fire work

Nobemi Rendon says:

dars more bereghostgames

Mike Mcarty says:

I wish I had the thing he has on his head

alana Gaines says:

Do more please

cami Petrie says:

Play build battle on Minecraft

Ben Shirley says:

When I finished store clerk I record everything and threw stuff 😀


witch hunt srry

Jaisen Firkins says:

play sneak thief

Gloria Alford says:

bless you

Super Mario parsley says:

nobody better hate this video or I will crush them and all that and I love your videos they are amazing and you better never stop making them

Amazing Me says:

lol I get it “it seems like that bot had too much JUICE” meaning he’s drunk XD

The Creator Lps says:

For a second I thought the boy said, “the human uprising of 2017” and I was like, “meheheheidksnsbdjx”

Super Mario parsley says:

I wish I could meet you

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