INTERSPECIES BREEDING | Cockroach Simulator – Gameplay

What happens when a cockroach starts looking reeaaal good?
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We’re playing some Cockroach Simulator and I don’t know who made this game but, man is it rough. Join us in this fun game as we struggle to shoot out dick looking eggs out our butts.

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William Chen says:

u guys are actually doing good! I’ve been a fan since 2010 and I can honestly say that I’m seeing hope again.

FrostyFrootCharms says:

The eggs look like Corn Chex,or the yellow part of Cap n Crunch

KidOzzyGaming says:

Why does spencer look like riggity cricket from always sunny in Philadelphia

RoboCat says:

Dan’s looking good!

SyntheticKill says:

The thumbnail looks like the bitch is about to give some mad head.

Alex Lapointe says:

wtf? Dan said “I don’t like to see your butt cheeks ” I understand it’s a game… but Das gay me friend

Nichole Francis says:

this was great!!

ArmouredCat23 says:

dan is annoying with his voices

Jason Smith says:

Honestly aside from some screechy voices, I loved this so much ahah <3

tertrih says:

what is this channel?

Megatto says:

Oh wow. Artist Joe turned into Hipster Joe

Crawfishness says:

I legitimately wonder how different the ratings would look if the people who only came here to complain and dislike just left and never came back.

unknownbruneian says:

This is a good style that works. So much good hijinks between you guys. Needs some BGM that doesnt drown you guys out though, its a bit dull without a tune in the back.

Street's Disciple says:

“You like jazz?”

noise says:

People like to complain about spencer but IMO dan is a lot more lame and boring.

Jim1643 says:

They just tried to click bait us with boobs. Shitty game boobs

Cyan Wing says:

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Jared Gerritzen says:

Evolve 2 is crazy!

Morgan Meme Machine says:

Watching this in the kitchen as I crush a roach with my foot. Feels good

Atofu says:

Wtf is with those sexual innuendos.

OfficerButtface says:

This was pretty damn funny. Hopefully they can come back to it with more maps, or maybe a game similar to it.

RawPhilth says:

Every negative comment is just another lowlife who FEEDS off of the likes from the other lowlifes. Those comments are like the fake spam on your facebook feeds, annoying and pointless.

Nicolas Cage in a bear suit says:

this video was actually pretty legit. nice job guys

Jackson says:

God, this was extremely unfunny…

Chrispy says:

I suppose the creatures deserve another chance, resubed

Hyake says:

Bad idea to b watching this and eating at a restaurant at the same time. Blood and gore while eating I can handle but not this

ReGlitch3D says:

i think you guys need a better thumbnail. i had no idea this was a creatures video until just now

Conway says:

The cockroach in the thumbnail looks like a cock, heh, ahh.. oh noo..

Powdered Toast man says:

Am I the only one that remembers Joe’s Apartment? It closely resembles that especially the way Dan talked and that Joe was playing the human.

Morgan Meme Machine says:

This wasn’t that bad.

Shogo149 says:

I’m gonna give the creatures 0 chances fuck these guys

M-T says:

Sincerely do not hate jordan or the rest for what they did or their part in making the other creatures leave, but yeah I feel this channel is getting a bit boring for me or just not as fun. IDK why some people are giving it a “second chance” when there’s no “second chance” to begin with, with james aleks aron and joe gone, I feel like the dudes I like to watch here are gone.

View this channel as some sort of a new channel you come across, and don’t view it as “the creatures but with new people”. But for me honestly, these guys are not my cup of tea anymore.

I am John says:

dan lookin good f

windolitEGamer says:

There  no way 5000 video views can support a house of them. do they have real jobs as well to afford all this

SRB765842 says:

“Sweet Holocaust joke…”
11/10 -IGN

Jash says:

face cams are awesome, good work

Game James says:

This is pretty damn good! What a way to start 2017! Now this is the kind of content we want. I’m already feeling my nostalgia for the past getting satisfied. I missed this style of video, Creatures. 17:17 is my favorite part, Dan’s outburst was amazing. XD

vlad says:

She’s hot, those legs tho

Tulip Lozano says:

hahaha this video omg. you guys should play resident evil

Valleyraven007 says:

you know this is a fetish right? not with the cockroaches persay but the size difference, macro/micro philia…

Corporal Cookie says:

🙂 MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

gravekeeper101 says:

This was actually a really good video, glad I stuck around.

DanFarrell98 says:

Spencer just gets more annoying

Caretaker says:

Snack time!

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