I’m The World’s Worst Mother! – Mother Simulator Gameplay

Welcome to Mother Simulator! Mother Simulator is a humorous project about being a parent and taking care of a baby. The ultimate Parent Simulator!

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Mother Simulator Gameplay Overview:

Mother Simulator is a game for the gaming platform Windows PC, in which you will take a role of a new mother. For coping with all difficulties which expect a young parent, you need steel nerves, fast reaction and, of course, your loving heart. Well, and those, who cope with all the tests, can expect the Grand Prize – the smile of your baby, a lovely, harmless and not evil baby.

It’s a humorous project about a young parent’s difficult weekdays. If you feel worried, irritated, you don’t understand what’s going on and what you must do next, so don’t worry. We want to give you exactly these feelings in our game.

At each new level the passing conditions become more complicated. But because of it the victory is more pleasant and your place in the mum’s top table is higher.

Mother Simulator is a first person game. At each stage a young mum must do everything necessary for her lovely baby, for example, feed, change the diaper or make a child sleep.

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Download Mother Simulator on Steam:


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I feel sorry for Mini Blitz if this is what he goes through

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Nice video bro

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And the game doesnt blur the stuff out bc at some point it wasnt blurred out

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Haven’t watched the video yet. First impressions? Who’s your mommy

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i hope that the baby is alride because i seen you handling the baby

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What’s happening Blitz

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Are you making fun of us lefties?

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Hi, this was so funny. Thanks.

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You mean one hour one life

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So when do you give the kid of to the grandparents and go to the bar with the child support money?

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do you have kids ? sory if rude

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Blitz a YouTuber
Blitzkreg a stile of warfaier involving land and air

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MY EYES, THEY BURN!!!!!!!!!! WHY BLITZ, WHY?????????!!!!!!!!!

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While watching this I had a thought… doesn’t bllitz have a kid or more? With the comment of ah dont tell your mother.. I fear for them lol.

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i loved it!

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