IDENTITY – New Gameplay Development – Upcoming Open World Simulation Game 2018

a new breed of massively multiplayer online role-playing game where hundreds of players interact in a world of absolute freedom, where it’s the actions of players which determine your fate and the fate of the world you live in.

Release: TBA 2018 / Windows Pc

Game Website:


Daniel Harding says:

there still isn’t any real clear indication of release or beta dates

Kahnir says:

This woman @ 0:53 looks like a man faced, unmotivated, transgenderd thing which never wanted to be there.

jj dESIGNed says:

its obvious theres lik 0 mega-scan quixel tech in this world, as an artists that just looks like shit (straight textures)

jj dESIGNed says:

i’ve been hyped by modeless- way to restricted sandboxy- gta games for decades. the only thing i see is layers missing everywhere. i seen this game a year ago allready and thought no thanks, still have the same mindframe. the world outside looks about as cool as APB did 5 years ago (Thats not a compliment)

Muhammad Agung says:

This is nice so far

Diogo Antonio says:

+ –

ZenMercy says:

This looks interessting wow.. I can’t believe only 607 views so far.. how come i’ve never heard about this game?

Yacine Khelifi says:

i would love this game but the guy need to be walking not running all the time

Brendan du Plessis says:

Question what would happen or if it could happen if a player walks into the resturant and starts shooting other ayers for example is there a kind of penalty system ?

M says:

1 question about the servers can you go from 1 server to another and still keep all your stuff from anything in your inventory to your car and your apartment and more? this is 1 of those games that look so good that if they keep progressing like this I think would be worth a wait for it but hopefully not 10 more years on it lol

Robert Tietetank says:

Nice Habbo Hotel 2.0

Mr. Awesome says:

so detailed
so far so good

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