ICED – Totally Accurate Canadian Survival Simulator! – Let’s Play ICED Gameplay

Welcome to ICED! ICED is a survival game where you are abandoned on a frozen sheet of ice. You need to keep your sanity up while finding resources to avoid death!
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ICED Gameplay Overview:

The main aim is to survive until a chopper with the rescue team arrives.

The gameplay: the player shall monitor the health indices; look for the items like food, water, medications, burner gas in the possessions other fishermen left behind. These items will help him last for another several hours.

The player’s dreams will feature the challenges, determining his spirit and state of mind. The worse the latter are, the tougher it is for the player to survive, while the challenges will become more and more complicated.

The events unfold in the abnormal weather conditions, the temperature can drop unexpectedly, putting the protagonist’s life at risk – if he is far from the tent, it would be difficult to come back in poor visibility conditions and survive the extreme cold.

There are also other risks, for instance, slipping during running or jumping, causing an injury preventing the protagonist from providing for himself, and, consequently causing his death.

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Special thanks to the developers for providing a free press key.

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Emrald Gamer says:


Ryan Nguyen says:

This is not Canada …..

CandyWrapper999 says:

this game is literally subnautica on land. wow

Zoral Playz says:

more vids on this plz

Damianos Play says:

how to save game ?

Cameron Millette says:

good job blitz you almost at 1,000,000 subscribers

SoundWave says:

its not snowy in canada I live there ):

Trudy Seay says:

are there polar bears there

Funn strips says:


doug the dog blueflag says:

blitz the ship thingy you saw was one of the nightmares you can have while sleeping

Toasted PokeyStix says:

I was his 53k sub

Patton Sanders says:

do more of this game pls

Axe man51575 says:

This is not life for most Canadians. They sometimes be in the cold up north.

Ethan Kristel says:

i take that title very offensively… im canadian

roger mostowfi says:

this is really cool. would love to see more:)

Gavin White says:

Canadian? Canada is NOT all ice and snow. We have rain forests and even deserts.
Classic non-Canadian. If you lived in Canadia you’d get it.

Riotraptor Gaming Tv says:

Finally a game about us! (The Canadians)

Kristi Kondas says:

He’s a cool YouTube that’s what he is

captain fast says:

its a nightmare

WolfTheNinja says:

Blitz Have you played “The Long Dark”? I think thats one of the best survival games right now that’s not that well known.

Håvard Brennum says:

play this agin please I loved it

j4yb 360 says:

he straight up copied lazarbeam

rogierrainbow says:

there’s no rescue ,it’s a stay alive as long as posible game.

tbrn pig of the bajan baccas says:

do Americans think this is what canada looks like

mistory man ????? says:

no you forgot YOUR PAN

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