I KILLED A SUPERVILLAIN!! | Super Power Training Simulator | ROBLOX

Roblox Super Power Training simulator is a new Roblox simulator where you learn different super powers and become a Super Hero or a Super Villain!
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None Nothing says:

Why do most YouTubers not search up things

Orion cabato says:

noodles is your friend Ilovecheezie undfriend her she was mean to linkamon in his poor account and undfriend her she is a goldigger

MattXgaming says:

Reds can or reset to jump

aryan the man says:

If you click ctrl while having more that 100 lb u can actually get more speed. (Number 4)

Tygmo says:

Lol you would be so easy to kill

Emmanuel Gonzalez says:

I couldn’t find the game in roblox. Does it depend on what platform your playing on or do I just have to keep trying to find it?

Basic productionzz says:

0:20 when the pizza rolls are

Oof!! says:

I think that the dude who keeps killing you is someone’s dad and the “NO DAD!” is from his son telling him to stop hitting you

stuffedanimals party says:

dan keep it up!

mrhoad1 says:

You can only play on computer

Gabriel Vera says:

If you click alt and equip 100 tons you can walk and jump normally and you level up faster

JustJoko says:

It’s funny to see YouTubers play games that I already played I’m just sayin not hating also love your vids think!

GameSlayer Kentucky says:

Think why don’t u use a actual face cam


I had to train my psychic to 1 million psychic so dont feel to bad

Adam Luqman says:

i killed 100 Super villains lmaoo

Crooked Neptune says:


Orion cabato says:

plz read it

Shlok Panchal says:

Link to play

Syncro Greninja says:

Play MORE !!!!!!

Marques Robinson says:

Do more of thid

My name is no Name says:

More More More!!!

danial ashraf danial says:

3:23 what the name of that memes

Tayseer Natsheh says:

plz again

Che Gardiner says:


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